Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

During these days when peace is almost a luxury, there are still a handful of countries where people can live unperturbed by the stories of war and disputes in the other parts of the world. If you need some quiet and relaxation whether permanently or temporarily, here are the top 10 places where you can go to:


10. Norway

Global Peace Index: 1.371


Norway is one place in the world where there is a very low population of prisoners. In Norway, people are given the freedom to roam around the country – and that includes trekking or camping anywhere you like. This right is actually enshrined in a law they call as the ‘Allemannsrett’. Now who wouldn’t want to trek or camp all over Norway’s wonderful fiords and lakes? Norway isn’t just one of the most peaceful countries – it’s among the most beautiful too.

9. Belgium

Global Peace Index: 1.354


Belgium is yet one place where the cases of homicide are very low, which almost explains why the imprisonment rate is just as negligible. Belgium is the perfect place for sightseeing too. There are a lot of wonderful castles, old towns, and museums to visit while here. Plus there’s a lot of beer and chocolate for you to try. The only downside is that the rainy days of Belgium seem to go on endlessly. But that’s just about its only chip in the armor.

8. Japan

Global Peace Index: 1.316


The home of the prettiest cherry blossoms, Japan is unmistakably one of the most technologically advanced yet peaceful countries in the world. If their super fast transportation system has added to the level of peace that they enjoy, we don’t really know. But what’s so sure is the fact that peace, a thriving economy, and wonderful people are all in here. And these are the most important ingredients of a successful nation – things that could be elusive for most.

7. Canada

Global Peace Index: 1.306


The peace in Canada’s vast land is something that the whole world can share with. There’s ample space for everyone, if you want to either drop by for a visit or live here permanently. The annual income here is relatively high too. It’s not just a nice place to spend a holiday vacation at – it is also a great place to start a family, if you’re thinking of doing so.

6. Finland

Global Peace Index: 1.297


A nation with no corrupt officials and practices little social class distinction – that’s what Finland is all about. Isn’t that nirvana? Finland also strives to give the children of its nation the best education system. If you live here, there’s practically very little for you to ask. Finland may have the darkest winters. But then again, that’s all you have to endure in exchange of lasting peace.

5. Switzerland

Global Peace Index: 1.258


Everybody looks at Switzerland as the skiing capital of the world, but there’s a whole lot to this nation than that. Undeniably, it is one of the most peaceful countries in the world with a healthy, educated, and happy population. The Swiss banks are also where the really rich people opt to keep their money. And the ultimate reason for that is because they know that their wealth is at its safest around here.

4. New Zealand

Global Peace Index: 1.237

New Zealand

Hail the mountains and the farms. If you’re one person who loves staring at the vast nature, visit New Zealand and enjoy the landscapes. And yes, you’re more than welcome to bring your families and friends along. Not only that this country is among the most peaceful – it is also the cleanest and the least polluted in the world. There’s limited military capability in this country, which isn’t surprising because it doesn’t really need one at all. The prison cells are almost vacant, which means the people here live cordially with each other.

3. Austria

Global Peace Index: 1.200


The landlocked nation of Austria could have been easily swayed by the nations surrounding it, more particularly Germany. But it remained its stance then and now. Overall, that is why it is considered as one of the most peaceful countries in Europe. Its stand on international politics makes it one of the safest and peaceful nations in the West. There’s practically no place for austerity out here.

2. Denmark

Global Peace Index: 1.193


The Danish lifestyle is one of the most envied in the whole world. And who wouldn’t if this nation is one of the safest and happiest places to be on earth? Denmark invests very dearly in making sure that its people are living in a relaxed and organized community. And this makes the workers highly motivated – very motivated enough to pay steep taxes just to make sure that everything around them falls right into place.

1. Iceland

Global Peace Index: 1.189


Peace has always been at its best in Iceland. Topping the Global Peace Index for seven years in a row, there’s really no doubt that peace is the most precious commodity in this country. Out here, peace is worked for and the government plays a very crucial role. The nation boasts of a 100% literacy rate, an almost non-existent crime rate, and just about the right number of population. Even the minority groups of Iceland are well respected, giving no further reason for strife or conflict. If only all countries can do what Iceland has been doing all along, peace may just happen globally.

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