Top 10 tips to impress Girls

There are a lot of misconceptions among guys about how they’re supposed to get girls to like them; most of the times it is assumed that the girl they like or seem to have a soft corner for is way out of their league. The truth about lots of money, cars or even a six pack getting someone girls is only the half of the story, the other half lies in why, how and what you do to get her. Every woman is different, if they were to be all the same then you probably wouldn’t have been so interested in this particular one now, would you?

Although there is not really a magic spell or a guide as to how to make anyone fall in love with you but we have tried to sum up some of the most interesting and important factors you should keep in mind just so you have an easy way with girls you like. So here we have 10 of the best tips and tricks that you could use to sweep any girl off her feet.

10. Cheesy pick-up lines: a big NO! NO!

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A word of advice for anytime you approach a beautiful girl, in person or on the phone and want to start a conversation that would get things moving; if it is a line, it is cheap. Don’t try cheap tricks or cheesy lines at her; this would only help create a negative and jerky image about you in the girl’s head. Try to start with a comment or even a compliment, girl’s love being complimented, start with a witty interaction based on a situation she may find interesting and if you are approaching her for the first time ever, even a simple ‘hello’ would suffice rather than a line.

9. Avoid the ‘Nice-Guy effect’ 

How to impress girls

Treat a woman the way you would like to be treated, be polite, considerate and genuine. Nothing tops off being authentic and truly yourself with a girl, however, it’s one thing to treat her nice but another thing entirely to accommodate her every need. If you’re always, always there for her anytime of the day or night, you’ll soon find yourself grazing in the friend zone doing every little thing she asks you to. Portray yourself as an autonomous individual, go out, party and have fun cause knowing you have a pretty interesting life yourself will only make her want to be a part of it.

8. Flirt with Confidence (Girls find it impressive)

Flirt with confidence to impress girls

Flirting is one of the best tricks to keep you out of the friend zone, as it will remind the girl that you’re attractive as well as a good friend. Whenever you see a girl you like, make sure you make a brief eye contact with her and smile, while doing this strike up a casual flirty conversation and watch how she reacts to it. If you avoid eye contact, girls will only go into overdrive and stress you out on what you meant. Girls react mainly on body language and emotions.

7. Break the touch barrier with Girls

Break the touch barrier with a girl

Women feel touch in a more sensitive manner than most men, even if she tries to put up a strong front be light with the touching. There are a lot of ways to touch a girl without being sleazy, hold her coat while she puts it on and offer her a hand when she’s stepping down the stairs or on an uneven surface. Hold her hand so you can lead her through a crowd or at times when she’s worried, lightly put your hand on her shoulders and give her hugs and high-fives whenever she’s euphoric.

6. Have your own life

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Just like we discussed in no#09, nothing attracts a well organized, beautiful girl more than a guy with an interesting life. Having an interesting life doesn’t mean, you have to live like a celebrity or be busy all the time, it simply means you need to have a life of your own. Friends, hanging out, doing things you like whenever the girl isn’t around makes her curiosity rise and keeps her interested in you and this makes her want to be a part of what you do.

5. Look Neat

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One of the easiest ways and perhaps a ‘must’ in attracting attention is looking tidy and in shape. If you want any girl to like you, basic cleanliness, and appearance are vital. Girls tend to notice bad things like bad breath, flab and body odur before they witness anything else, let alone your personality. Give the girls a chance to see your personality and your qualities by making a good first impression with a neat appearance.

4. Conversation is the Key

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After you’ve approached the girl you like, and have spoken to her at least once then the only way to get things to the next level is to be able to conversation with her. Good conversationalists have a way with girls, regardless of their body weight, hair color or even financial conditions. The only way to get past her doubts and notions she might have summed up about you, is to get to know each other and share your hobbies, dreams and all your likes and dislikes. Start your conversations in a non-invasive friendly manner and make your way to deeper topics. During conversations make sure you pay attention to her words and Nod to show that you’re listening and also respond accordingly to what she says so she really knows that you are listening to her.

3. Be Yourself

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Believing youself is the start, being yourself is a part and activating a authentic vibe is pretty much all you need to do. Girls, especially the ones with a strong sense of purpose and self-worth, the classy ones get the ‘‘I’m rich… I’ve got so many cars… ‘’ kind of crap everyday, they are in deep thirst for authenticity and uniqueness in their lives. Most of them have already been there and done all of that which you think you require to get her to like you. However, what she hasn’t experienced yet is you and the fullest, most authentic sense of your presence. The right woman will fall for you only if you do what you love and not just do something to please.

2. Make her feel important

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Every girl wants a guy who, at the end of the day is reliable and dependable, not because he has to be, only because he wants to be. Chivalry isn’t dead fellows, keep it up by holding the doors, carrying stuffs when she has her hands full, lending her your jacket when it’s chilly and basically caring for her. The mark of a true gentleman is to make a lady feel like a lady. Make an effort to make her feel important, most woman want to feel valued, during conversations say more than saying less to keep things more personal rather than generic. Go that extra mile to make her feel the way she doesn’t feel with anyone else.

1. Most of all, Don’t lie

Don't lie to girls

If you have to practice lying to get to something, it’s surely not for you or never was. Just try to remember the fact that one lie can only be backed up by another lie. However, if it ends up working out, you will always have to remember that lie and make up other lies to support it and before you know it you’re already deep under a pool of lies. Women are no exception to the human race, they appreciate honesty above all. Although don’t go around confusing honesty with tactlessness.

Final Conclusion:

Never tell a woman that she is fat. Ever! Be romantic, flirty, mystify your image, but remember too much of anything can be disastrous, so make sure you do not keep pushing her into it. Some of the girls get offended with the chivalry stuff, so also make sure what kind of girl you’re dealing with. Always keep it cool, no woman would ever want to date a guy who is fussy and gets worked up by nothing. See the bright side of things and never, ever dwell on rejection; and no matter how lame and sarcastic the line may sound always remember, ‘’there’s a lot fish in the sea’’

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