Top Ten Spy Gadgets

Spy gadgets are no longer exclusive to James Bond and Ethan Hunt, even the common consumers can take advantage of spy technology and buy them in tech stores and online. Spy gadgets can be used for personal use and even inside the household if you are looking to secure your home in a more sophisticated way. It can even be used for professional investigation and for business.

Here are the top ten gadgets you should get your hands on:

10. Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier


This gadget can amplify the reach of your hearing and can hear conversations and relevant sounds up to 20 feet away. Where you can eavesdrop to the important communication and unveil things you might never know. It can even amplify sound up to 50 decibels, which means, you can hear recorded audios with lots of clarity even with ambient sound or noisy background.

9. Wall Clock Wireless Video Cam

Wall Clock Wireless Video Cam

At first look, this wall clock is just like any other wall clock. Nothing extraordinary. But inside is a mechanism that allows you to spy on any room with a black and white (with an option to go colored) wireless camera. It comes with a 3.6 mm lens with an auto-switching receiver. It is a well-equipped surveillance gadget with a built-in CCD camera. It also has four channel receivers which can be handy if you want a wireless application. This can camouflage as an ordinary wall clock in any room and you can hear conversations and spy on things that you never thought you could see or hear.

8. Signal Jammer

Signal Jammer

If you want to halt communication within a specific area, a signal jammer or a cellphone jammer can do the trick. Most jammer can block 3G and 4G signals including Wifi, LTE and Bluetooth. This is portable and handheld and can be carried around without hassle. It can also block down remote controls equipments, drones and other wireless gadgets.

7. Spy pen

Spy pen
This may be the most common spy gadget lying around the market but what makes it so effective is the fact that it is almost undistinguishable as a surveillance camera. It is so unsuspicious looking and one will never guess that inside this pen is a 2.8 mm wide angle camera that even has a microphone to capture audio. Video recordings are kept inside a microSD card slot. You can take this virtually anywhere and spy on anyone, anywhere without being detected. This can double up as a digital camera that can take still images. Plus, a bonus for everyone, it is really a working pen!

6. Keylogger

We are in the Internet age and almost all conversations are done online. If you want to get important data from a password restricted laptop- you can hack into it with a USB keylogger. This particular one from KeyKatcher can record keystroke, which means it can recall passwords that were previously typed in. It can also record visited website, programs and applications used, emails, chat sessions and a lot more. It also has a unique feature that can screenshot monitor screen. It does all this in stealth and cannot be detected even on installed software or programs running.

5. SpyKite

This is the subtler version of the spy camera android. Up above the sky, it looks like any unsuspicious toy but it is actually loaded with a spy cam that can take still images up to 25 meters of height. This can go over the fence or can go up windows. You imagination is the limit. This toy is a remote control digital camera that looks like a Spanish kite. It can take quality still images photos that you can download to your computer via a built-in USB.

4. Portable Mini GPS Tracker

Portable Mini GPS Tracker

If you want to track someone or track something, this mini portable GPS tracker will help you snoop down the culprit in real time. It can even be attached to a magnetic housing so you it can be attached to a car and viola- instant vehicle tracking. It uses satellite technology to find the tracker’s exact location with ultimate accuracy. It also comes with a motion detector and has the ability to fence off areas so you can be alerted if someone leaves/arrives at a specific place. This comes with a subscription plan on top of the price of the gadget.

3. Night Vision Binoculars

Night Vision Binoculars

If you are challenged doing your surveillance at night, these night vision binoculars should most definitely be on your spy kit. It can either be used as a mountable binoculars or hand held. It has very good depth perception and comes with a high powered infrared illumination technology to be able to let you see in the dark. This gadget is also lightweight and comes with a nifty tracker feature. Depending on the moonlight, these babies can see as far as 150 yards  or even half a mile on a clear view and full lit moon.

2.  Microscopic Bug

Microscopic Bug
This is a handy gadget if you want to have a special and secured system for private communication. It is used to transmit messages clearly and comes with a very good signal. It is a wireless earpiece that you can wear anywhere and is virtually undetectable to the naked eye. You can also use this for communication without even holding your mobile phone to your ear.

1.  Google Glass

Google Glass

What’s a spy without his beloved computer where you can monitor surveillance and store files? Google Glass now allows anyone to carry with them computers around without having to carry a bulgy laptop bag. Google glass works almost as efficient as a smartphone but cameo as a wearable glass. It comes with a camera that can take still images and videos. It has a number of apps that can be installed within its platform including Evernote, Google Maps and even the New York Times. A prototype was released in April 2013 but raised some privacy concerns, and on January 2015, production was halted but a better, brighter version of this smart gadget is in the works and development.