World’s 10 Most Credible UFO Sightings

The mystery behind unidentified flying objects or UFOs remains unknown. Some people passionately believe that they exist, while a good number continue to be skeptic about it. For whatever they’re worth, these objects draw attention among the masses, regardless if people consider themselves as believers or not. Below are the top 10 UFO sightings that were either reported or recorded.

10. Battle of Los Angeles – 1942

Battle of Los Angeles - 1942

February of 1942 saw the United States on the road to recovery following a Japanese attack of the Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Imagine the panic created when a UFO was seen hovering over Los Angeles at such time. There were a hundred of witnesses that even the military got involved. Fighter planes started shooting at the UFO. A spotlight was focused on the object as the government was trying to figure out what it really was.

9. Colares – 1977

Colares - 1977

The UFO spotted over the island of Colares in Brazil in 1977 brought about the name “Flying Saucer”. The almost 400 witnesses to the anomaly caused the government to create a team of investigators working on the mission that they called “Operation Saucer.” Witnesses claimed that they were attacked by radiation beams, which left them wounded, burned, and injured. Some witnesses even claimed that their blood was sucked by the UFO. Sadly, the investigation didn’t last long, and all facts gathered by investigating unit were sealed and classified.

8. Phoenix Lights – 1997

Phoenix Lights - 1997

From 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm on March 13, 1997, a row of six lights, which was most probably a UFO, was seen over of Phoenix.  Then varying lights and crafts of different descriptions danced over the skies resembling the V-shaped pattern. The lights and crafts travelled through Nevada and toward the edge of Tucson. The odd lights were also seen over some cities in Arizona, but this time it was followed by another row of eight lights, which all moved in unison. The eight lights were followed by another group of nine connected lights. This series of sightings ended at around 2:00 am.

7. Blue-Green Fireball, the Midwest -1999

Blue-Green Fireball, the Midwest -1999

There were at least two major fireball events in the Midwest in 1999, and they happened less than two days apart. At around 7:05 am on September 26, 1999, over 730 reports from witnesses from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin were received, claiming that there was a large fireball appearing over the skies. The second fireball was documented over central Ohio on the night of September 27, at around 11:30 PM. There were over 450 witnesses to this event, and over 400 reports were awaiting review.

6. Tinley Park Lights,Tinley Park, IL – 2004

Tinley Park Lights

Five sequences of mass UFO sightings were reported in Tinley Park. The first was on August 21, 2004. On October 31, 2004, which is after more than just two months later, another sighting was documented. On October 1, 20015, the same thing happened. Exactly two years after on October 31, 2006, another set of UFOs were seen flying about Oak Park and Tinley Park in Chicago.

5. Kolkata UFO sighting – 2007

Kolkata UFO sighting

A fast-moving object spotted over the eastern horizon of Kolkata between 3:30 am and 6:30 am was filmed on a handycam. The object’s shape changed from being a sphere to become a triangle. Then it moved in a straight line. It emitted a bright light that formed a halo radiating a wide range of colors. This was seen by many people, and a frenzied reaction was triggered. The video footage was submitted to a local TV News channel, and then to the MP Birla Planetarium in Kolkata. Experts found the footage to be “extremely interesting and strange.”

4. Chile – 2010

Chile - 2010

In Santiago, Chile, a UFO sighting was documented during an air show. The annual show sponsored by the El Bosque Air Force Base, participated by the world’s finest pilots, was hijacked by UFOs it seems. A spectator took footage of the air show, but was surprised to see something else on his video when he reviewed it. He even alerted the Chilean government of what he saw. Some claimed that it was a bug. However, UFO believers said that the anomaly he caught on camera was real.

3. London Olympics – 2012

London Olympics - 2012

This sighting was quite popular among those who watched the 2012 Olympic Games in London, as it happened during the opening ceremonies. Some people claimed that there’s a UFO seen with the fireworks display. Skeptics say it was just a helicopter or a blimp. However, the event planners and organizers of the Olympic Games said that no aircraft was allowed in the airways at that time.

2. Washington Fireball, Renton, WA – 2012

Washington Fireball, Renton, WA - 2012

A ball of fire, which could possibly be a meteor, was observed falling out of the sky over Seattle one night in 2012.  The residents, the police, and the Washington State Patrol claimed that they saw something coming apart in the sky. However, no planes were reported missing, and no debris was found on the ground.


1. Melbourne – 2013

Melbourne – 2013

In 2013, UFO aficionados admitted that there was a decrease in the number of UFO sightings reported compared to 2012. However, it was in September 2013 when a sighting was documented through footage in Melbourne, Australia. Reports have it that a UFO was hanging over central Melbourne. People caught the sighting with their phones. Some even captured the object’s activities with their infrared cameras.