Weimaraner Dog Breed Info

Weimaraner dog breed is one of the beautiful family dogs because they are very loyal to their owners. They were known as gun dogs in earlier times, but nowadays, they can get treated as great family dogs. They require an excellent form of exercise. They get to use to catch big animals like deer and bear, but people can keep them at home with some amount of training.

The Weimaraner prefers life in close contact with the family, inside apartments, rather than in large spaces but left alone to himself, despite having a rather “strong” temperament. This dog is able to resist cold temperatures as well as hot but not too hot ones. Show great affection towards family and children. He is able to show great tolerance towards strangers while remaining a good warning. He needs a lot of daily exercise. Versatile, easy to train, vigorous, and passionate multipurpose hunting dog. Never aggressive. Reliable pointing and working dog in the water. The Weimar Hound has a remarkable inclination to work.

Recognized variants

  • Short-haired
  • Long-haired

Characteristics of Weimaraner dog

Weimaraner Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics

Character and temperament

Good temperament but must be polite and well socialized

Strong tempered dog, the Weimaraner is able to maintain self-control and adequate behavior in different situations. This is an advantage for those who find themselves having to share life with a Weim. It is clear that the character trait must be evaluated by the owner. The Weimaraner must necessarily be trained using suitable methods from when he is a puppy, without ever, however, falling into the use of coercive systems.

Affection for the family

Very affectionate towards the family

The great affection of the Weimaraner towards the family is revealed daily and it is possible to measure it in every type of activity that this dog loves to do. From the daily outing to the moment of interaction or rest or work, the Weimaraner tends to never want to be separated from the owner and family members. A relationship that remains solid and special throughout life.

Friendly with children

Friendly with children

This dog has a rather large size and must be supervised when interacting with the little ones. What he interprets as gestures of affection can endanger the safety of younger children. There is no discussion, however, on the ability of this dog to spread love towards children. To foster this type of relationship, it is always useful to provide socialization from the first months of the dog’s life. Adult supervision is always essential in the child + dog relationship.

Relationship with strangers

Fairly tolerant of strangers

The Weimaraner has a playful and joyful attitude and tends to express it even with strangers. He is also collaborative with those he does not know as long as they are respectful and friendly. The Weim has a good relationship with everyone as long as they don’t endanger their family and territory, in which case they’ll warn and protect their pack. It cannot be considered a watchdog, but if necessary it will know how to question itself and will defend itself and its core in an excellent way.

Social with other dogs

Quite sociable with other dogs but needs socialization

In order to allow the Weimaraner to coexist peacefully with other dogs, early socialization is essential to prevent them from developing aggressive responses. The socialization to coexist with other dogs and/or other animals is essential that it begins at an early age, since the Weimaraner, a hunting dog, will have to count the various members of his family as friends and not as prey.

Adaptability to apartment living

Not suited to apartment living

They have good flexibility, and they can tolerate both cold as well as hot weather. But they can not adapt to apartments, but they can live in large areas. They can not live alone because they like crowded places where they find various people around them.

Due to its history and rather evident dimensions, the Weimaraner is not a good candidate for a life in too narrow environments or in an apartment without a courtyard or a garden or at least a park nearby. This dog grows to a significant size and needs an amount of daily exercise that absolutely contact be avoided. The build-up of stress, coupled with the size of the Weimaraner can be potentially dangerous for any object in the house and, last but not least for itself.

Tolerance of being alone

Intolerant to be alone

The Weimaraner has always been used to living in collaboration with humans. This means that this breed lives in symbiosis with its human friend and cannot grow by spending hours alone. In many cases, loneliness can turn into a rather obvious health problem such as separation anxiety. The Weimaraner is intolerant of loneliness.

Suitable as a first dog

On average suitable as a first dog

In general, it is not recommended as a first dog even for a somewhat inexperienced owner. The Weimaraner is a very intelligent dog who can be responsive and quite balanced. A consistent type of training, with a steady wrist, is always recommended for a dog that, in its history, has always been raised for certain tasks, such as chasing even large prey. Being able to limit incorrect behavior is essential for the development of the Weimaraner and in this, the owner must be able to develop an adequate strategy.

Tolerance to cold temperatures

Tolerant to cold temperatures

To give it a decent advantage in rather cold environments is its great physicality, however, the Weimaraner should not live in too cold environments for too many hours. Unless it is a classic activity, such as sport hunting, the Weimaraner could suffer from the cold.

Tolerance to hot temperatures

Fairly tolerant to hot temperatures

The Weimaraner adapts quite simply to rather warm environments. The trump card for this breed is represented by the size of the hair, which is smooth and uniform. This condition allows it to withstand rather extreme climates and to be able to carry out a fair amount of physical activity. Even in the long-haired variety, there are no particular difficulties. A Weimaraner owner, however, will not subject the dog to overexertion in extreme situations and will take care to provide him with plenty of freshwaters.

Friendly nature: Weimaraner dogs are a perfect friend of their owners, and they get magnificent affection from their family. They are also charming to their kids, and they like to play with them. Weimaraner is a good dog-friendly, and they can also get open with strangers very quickly. 


The Weimaraner, also known as Gray Ghost, thanks to the shades of its coat, which range from mouse gray to silver-gray, is a breed dog of German origin. It is named after the Grand Duke Carl August of Weimar. About the appearance of this breed, some theories trace the German shorthaired pointer as a descendant of the gray Leithhunde, while others place it in the Saint Hubert family. 

What is known for sure is that this canine breed was already being bred at the end of the 18th century. At this time it was a court dog, bred and trained only by professional trainers, who were in charge of making the proper crosses until the Weimaraner as we know it today was developed. It is considered one of the oldest dog breeds, especially the short-haired variety, although the Weimaraner can also have long hair.

Health grooming

Weimaraner Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics

They have good health, and they are suitable for any family. They have a large amount of shedding, and Weimaraner has great drooling potential. They can easily get groomed at home at any time. They have general health which provides less weight gain. Their size is moderate, which gives them a fresh look.

The particular beauty of the Weimaraner’s coat is also a wonderful benefit to the owner as it is very easy to groom. However, this should not be considered an exemption from coat and skincare. A good bath, when needed, and the daily care of a brush, will keep the Weimaraner’s coat in perfect condition. Even the long-haired Weimaraner does not commit the owner to proper grooming and it will be enough to treat it like the short-haired to have a Weimaraner in optimal conditions.

Despite the large number of activities that the Weimaraner tends to develop during the day we are faced with a breed that does not present problems with regard to the containment of drool. The presence of drool in the Weimaraner is a phenomenon entirely referred to in particular moments such as those preceding the meal and rather high conditions of excitement. For the rest, it has an effective dross containment capacity given by the conformation of the muzzle and the scissor bite of the teeth.

Being a dog that loves to act outdoors and in relatively wild areas, the Weimaraner can meet particular needs regarding cleaning. The points that the owner will take care to check daily to avoid unpleasant surprises are the muzzle, eyes and ears, paws and interdigital spaces, neck and anal area. Above all, it is necessary to check that it does not have parasites, such as ticks and fleas.

As far as the health conditions of the Weimaraner are concerned, we are faced with a breed that has good resistance. The Weimaraner can develop some problems that are rather typical of many breeds and need periodic checks for a better quality of life. The pathologies from which he could suffer are hypothyroidism, retinal atrophy, and dysplasia of the hip and elbow. However, he is to be considered a very resilient and generally healthy dog.

The tendency to gain weight

For an athlete like the Weimaraner, the tendency to put on weight may not seem like a problem, but this aptitude for physical activity makes him particularly vulnerable when it comes to weight gain. Given the absolute need for movement, it is very difficult for the Weimaraner to gain weight in an obvious way, precisely because the condition of lack of daily training combined with a diet that is too rich, could give rise to overweight problems. Therefore, it will be essential to maintain physical activity to keep everything under control.

Height and weight


Height at the withers

Males: 59 to 70 cm. Ideal size from 62 to 67 cm.

Females: 57 to 65 cm. Ideal size from 59 to 63 cm.


Males: from 30 to 40 kg

Females: 25 to 35k

Growth of male Weimaraner

Depending on its size, the weight of the male Weimaraner at 3 months should be between 11.4 and 14.3 kg.

At 6 months, the male Weimaraner weighs an average of between 21.2 kg for the youngest and 26.7 kg for larger individuals.

How much do you owe a male Weimaraner in 1 year? Between 29 and 37.8 kg.

The Weimaraner the male will finish growing between the age of 16 months for the smaller riders and the age of 19 months for the older ones.

Growth of female Weimaraner

Depending on its size, the weight of the Weimaraner female at 3 months should be between 9.7 and 12.7 kg.

At 6 months, the Weimaraner female weighs on average between 18 kg for the youngest and 23.8 kg for the largest individuals.

How much do you owe a female Weimaraner in 1 year? Between 24.2 and 33.2 kg.

The Weimaraner the female will eventually grow between the age of 16 months for the smaller riders and the age of 19 months for the older ones.


Weimaraner Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics

They require a large amount of exercise. Weimaraner is straightforward to train, and they are also brilliant. They have excellent potential for mouthiness, and they do not bark much. They have wanderlust potential because they can drive their prey quickly. start training from a young age. In principle, you will need to observe the puppy so that you understand what it needs (go to the bathroom, is hungry, wants to play, etc.)

In this way, you will be able to start the training with these points and establish the correct way to carry them out where he will do his business, where and what he will eat, what are his toys. Sniffing the ground and hanging around the house are usually signs that the dog is looking for or wants something, so these are the times when you should pay the most attention to satisfy its need and at the same time train the Weimaraner.

If you catch him doing his business at home, don’t scold him. It is better to take him outside right then and there so that he can continue there. As soon as he’s finished, congratulate him and give him an award. The repetition of this method will make the dog understand that this is the place for the bathroom, it applies in the same way if the place to relieve itself will be inside the house on a newspaper, for example.

You should never rub the animal’s nose on the ground when it has had an accident, it will not understand what is bothering you and you will only make it sad. Likewise, the animal can interpret that it must eat its own feces or urine. Keep calm, clean up the mess, and take him outside, or to the permitted area.

Of course, you must establish schedules to take the animal for a walk and go to the bathroom, training it with some simple command that tells it that it is time to do it when you are already on the street. With a few repetitions of these when training the Weimaraner, always accompanied by praise and awards, you will have very good results quickly. Likewise, for the puppy to let you comb, clean, and wash it, you must use the same method. Being affectionate in the deal but firm, preventing him from trying to impose himself above you.

When playing, it offers many objects that can be used to be bitten, since otherwise, the dog will attack your furniture and other belongings. When you see him doing some mischief of this type, remove the animal from the site and give him one of his toys, rewarding him when he entertains with it.
If you want to prevent them from bringing their teeth close to certain objects, such as shoes, a favorite amusement of many dogs, you can buy non-toxic products in pet stores designed to keep dogs away from these belongings, as they dislike the taste.


Weimaraner Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics

They have great potential for training, and they have excellent energy levels, which provide them good exercise mood. They have tremendous intensity, and they also need a large amount of exercise because a dog requires a healthy body. Weimaraners have a very playful nature, which helps them to get mix up with kids without any problem. 

Information related to Weimaraner dog breed

Weimaraner Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics

These dogs are full of energy and have a high level of stamina. But you need to provide them with a significant amount of exercise if you are thinking of keeping them as a family member. They require a small amount of socialization because they can quickly get mix-up with surrounding stranger’s people, and they also open-up with kids.

They also play with kids and other dogs. They are sturdy, so they get too used by military staff. They can catch bigger animals, like bears and deer. They suffer from severe separation anxiety, and they can not live alone in any case. They bark on some people whom they found not useful for you.

They do not like living outdoors, and they are also hunting dogs. They require a large level of attention from other people, and they also like to live close to their owners. They help their owners in many tasks because of the muscular body. They can live 11 to 13 years, and they get used as sport dogs because of their vigorous intensity.

They have a height range of 11 inches to 2 feet, and the last height can limit to 3 inches at the shoulders. They gain weight from 55 to 85 pounds, and they are very tall. They have great potential, which lets them play with children. They are great family dogs, and you can think of making them a great family companion.