10 African Breed Of Dogs

African dog breeds-When we are thinking of popular dogs, then African Breeds will surely come to your mind. However, the African continent is very famous for these four-legged friends. These dogs are perfect for your family. Here we are to look for the ten best dogs in Africa that you would even like to consider having as your pet.

1 Basenji

Basenji are the best-known dogs in Africa and are a perfect choice for the one who needs a small furry friend. These dogs do not bark; instead, they produce a howling sound. These dogs are descended from wolves of Asia. Africans know them for centuries as hunter companions. The lifespan of these dogs is 14 years. These dogs do not go well with other domestic pets.

2 Rhodesian Ridgeback

African dog breeds

If you have affection for large dog breeds, then Rhodesian Ridgeback is your choice. These dogs grow to the weight of 85 lbs and are best known traditional dogs with Greyhounds, Great Danes, Bloodhounds, and Foxhounds. Some people even call these dogs wagon hounds. These dogs possess a different ridge on their back, which gives them a name. They are sturdy dogs that need a lot of training.

3 Boerboel

Giant dog breeds

Boerboel dogs are popular to protect homes from lions. These are dogs’ good and powerful companions for dog lovers. These dogs have a light red or brown shade with a short coat, blocky head, and muscle body. These are adult dogs that weigh up to 150 lbs, and hence, it is essential to train them properly. These dogs get easily bored, and therefore, it is better to exercise with them.

4 Abyssinian Sand Terrier

african dog breeds

If you have an allergy to pet hair, then believe Abyssinian Sand Terrier dogs are the best choice for you. These are hairless dog breeds that have mid-size and weigh up to 17.7 kilograms when they grow fully. These dogs are always ready to make their owners happy always. These are well-socialized dogs to whom you can trust very quickly.

5 Coton De Tulear

If you want dogs to be your pet and especially for a cuddly and fluffy dog, then Coton De Tulear is the right choice for you. These dogs have cotton-like fur that weighs a maximum of up to 6 kilograms. These little dogs have a lifespan of 16 years. They are intelligent and playful in nature because they are lively and loving. These dogs are easy to train, which makes them perfect friends for people who look for funny pets.

6 Sloughi

African dogs breed

Sloughi dogs have a similar appearance as that of the better known Saluki. These are North African Dogs and also sighthound. These dogs are tall and skinny but are still lightweight with a graceful appearance. These are the fast runners and excellent guard dogs. They are chase cats and many other small creatures with full power.

7 Azawakh

African dogs breed

Azawakh is another sighthound known for being thin and tall. When you train these dogs properly, then they are your perfect companions. These dogs are quiet as once they get attached to a family. These dogs got bred in the Sahel region. These dogs even got bred as perfect guard dogs. These dogs bark at strangers and also guard property very well.

8 Chinese Crested

African dog breeds

Chinese Crested are other beautiful dogs those who have allergy from pet hair. It is a small, light, and hairless dog that possesses a loving and sweet temperament. These are playful and lively dogs whole are great for the family. These are exceptional dogs when it is about agility competition.

9 Aidi

African dogs

Aidi is one of the lesser-known African dog breeds outside its home territory. Its birth is attributed to the mountains regions of the north of the African continent, especially to the atlas mountain range located in Morocco. These furry ones accompanied the nomadic tribes of the Berbers (a term that designates a group of ethnic groups native to North Africa), mainly performing pastoral and protective functions. Although they were also eventually used for hunting larger game, especially wild boar.

Aidi dogs show a medium size, slightly elongated body and well-developed muscles, highlighting their strength, agility, and physical resistance. Its fur is abundant and is well attached to the skin of its body, with smooth, short, and thick fur that usually shows a white background color combined with shades of black or brown. Regarding his character, the Aidi is an active dog and very loyal to his guardians, who shows a great vocation to protect his home and his family.

10 Africanis

African dog breeds

Africanis or African canis is a breed of African dog native to South Africa, where it is also known as Zulu, Bantu, Hottentot, and Khoikhoi. However, the same term ” Africanis ” can be used, in southern Africa, as a generic name to designate any indigenous dog of this region.

Its origins are little known, but it is estimated that it has begun to develop naturally from crosses between the pariah (primitive) dogs of South Africa with hounds introduced to South Africa from the European continent.

It is a medium-sized dog, with a body slightly longer than tall and well-developed muscles. Its short and thick coat can exhibit any color and, eventually, the characteristic Rhodesian crest is also observed in this breed. Africanis are active, fast, and very slim, so they need high physical activity to expend energy and maintain balanced behavior.

Currently, the Africanis is classified as an emerging breed by the KUSA ( Kennel Union of Southern Africa ) and the Africanis Society of South Africa continues to strive to meet the requirements for its official recognition by the FCI.