10 Countries Known For Spying On Their Citizens

Spying is uncalled for in some countries. However, there are places in the world where it’s almost a natural thing, although the government is not open to admitting it. Here is a list of countries with strong evidence that they’re spying on their people.

10. New Zealand

New Zealand

Though this information is quite surprising, the government of New Zealand spies on its people. A law was drafted and enacted to allow the country’s intelligence agency to do just that. The law was ratified after government officials learned that the Government Communications Security Bureau has been doing it illegally for some time. In the effort to make it legal, the new law was created. The government thinks that having a spy is beneficial for the sake of its own people. For the government, spying simply means they are protecting their citizens.

9) Bahrain


The monarchy of Bahrain uses the software called FinFisher to spy on its people, more particularly the opposition activists. This software is so powerful that it allows the government to copy files, intercept internet calls, and log keystrokes on an activist’s machine. It gets to work as an email attachment. Once the subject opens his email, the software will start to penetrate his computer and obtain all information necessary.

8. Canada


There was one instance when the Canadian government was accused by the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association for spying on in its people. The group stated the Communications Security Establishment Canada collects the information of citizens. Although these allegations were denied, many are still convinced that several government agencies were in cohorts to cover act.

7. Iran


It has been widely known that the Iranian government censors websites. However, not everyone realizes that they also do deep packet inspections. The act involves collecting personal data through the internet, mobile phones, and similar software. The government has the access to a citizen’s emails, social media accounts, and internet calls.

6. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The invasion of privacy in the UK is somewhat a collaborative effort with the US. They do it though the project called PRISM, which was created by the National Security Association. PRISM has the capability of logging all the phone calls of UK citizens. It also has access to one’s private information. The information can also be shared with its ally, the United States, if there’s an urgent need to do so. The government maintains that it has yet to commit a crime as a result of spying on its people.

5) Zimbabwe


Just recently, the Zimbabwe government mandated that all telecommunication and broadband companies start saving user’s information in a database accessible by the government. The government says that all of these will contribute to the effort of fighting crime in the country. However, many are convinced that the government is also doing it to spy on the opposing political parties.

4. France


There was breaking news published in a local newspaper exposing how the French government spies on its citizens. The news article stated that the French government spies on its people in the same meticulous way the America does. It also demonstrated how the Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure collects phone calls, text messages emails, and social media account information from people every day. All data obtained are stored in a government database for years. While the government would normally deny these claims, they also failed to state otherwise.

3) Russia


The Russia spies on its people quite bluntly. They have a surveillance system installed that allows the government to listen to the conversations of people over the phone or through the internet. The fact came about during the Sochi Olympic Games. Though the government claims that the system was blatantly used just recently, it was believed to exist since 1980’s. The system is so powerful that it surpasses the restrictions set by communication providers.

2. China


China is one of the countries where spying on its people is customary. It has never been a secret. The Chinese government uses advanced technology to log all the activities of every person living in China. With domestic spying regarded as legal in the country, government employees started spying on each other too. High profile public officials admitted to finding wires in their offices, cars, and homes, even in their showers. Reports have it that even the president of China is not immune to wire tapping.

1) United States


There was no doubt that the US is spying on its citizens if the fact is based on the accusations or statements of other nations. In the United States, spying doesn’t only happen online, but through all possible means, like cameras being set up at any desired location. The government claims that all these are efforts to protect citizens from terrorism. However, it doesn’t change the fact that The National Security Agency can monitor international and domestic phone calls and email messages of every American citizen should it find the necessity to.