Top 10 Political Conspiracies

Conspiracy theories create lively conversations and debates.  There are many sides to a story, and these political myths are always around to inform, or at least, to entertain. Political conspiracies are never proven for a fact. There are many documentaries and movies on the death of politicians and the conspiracies around them. There are lots … Read more

10 Countries Known For Spying On Their Citizens

Spying is uncalled for in some countries. However, there are places in the world where it’s almost a natural thing, although the government is not open to admitting it. Here is a list of countries with strong evidence that they’re spying on their people. 10. New Zealand Though this information is quite surprising, the government of New Zealand spies … Read more

10 Longest Wars in History

Conflicts do happen all the time. While some are resolved right away, there are several that take centuries to amend. Below is a list of the longest wars in history. A good number of them involved bloodshed and a lot of lives lost. But there was also one where no shot was fired. 10. Peloponnesian … Read more

10 Most Wanted Terrorists of All Time

Unless terrorists stop in their wrong doings, world peace will be hard to come by. And that’s no matter how hard beauty pageant contestants wish for them in their speeches. Here is a list of the 10 most wanted terrorists of all time. 10. Saif al-Adel A former Egyptian military colonel, al-Adel is believed to … Read more

Top 10 Countries without Armed Forces

Saint Lucia

How peaceful should a country be for it not to need any armed forces to protect its territory? Impossible as it may seem in today’s rather chaotic world, there are still some nations that can do away with an army, and still assure its people to live blissfully. The top 10 nations are: 10. American … Read more

Top 10 Countries Engaged With Ongoing Wars and Armed Conflicts


Wars are never the best solution to conflicts. But they do happen and in fact, are still occurring at certain parts of the world. The different countries with on-going armed conflicts are listed below. Individuals scheduled for a trip to these places are forewarned. 10. Palestine Latest Casualty Count: 2,204 The Palestinian conflict with Israel … Read more

Top 10 reason for the Egyptian Protest 2013

Egypt protest 2013

Due to the uprising power of President Mohamed Morsi and upon his one year inauguration as Egypt’s President, millions of Egyptians marched in the city streets and squares across the country to call for his resignation. More than 15 million signatures were collected by the opposition, the Taramod (Rebel) Campaign on a petition demanding Morsi’s … Read more