Traits Of A Rottweiler Collie Mix

Traits of a Border Collie Rottweiler mix Border Collie is a new mixed breed whose parents are still very unknown but believed to be Border Collie and Rottweiler. It is an energetic dog breed that is fun-loving with the family. It is a shy dog that wary of strangers. The dog feels quite protective of the family members. Hence you can expect it to be the guard dog from him. It is its active nature that the dogs get to mix with other breeds very often.

Parent Breed


Border Collie is known as a designer dog because it is a mixture of two pure breed dogs. This practice has been in existence for many centuries, and today they are trendy because of the celebrities having designer dogs with them.

Border Collie Mix has a lot of benefits, like increasing the gene pool and then making them healthy overall. Border Rottie is the mixture of a Rottweiler and Border Collie dog breed. These are the two dogs that lie on the opposite end of the spectrum in significant ways.

Border Collie

The dog originated in the Viking times in the UK. Border Collie is the famous herding dog in the whole world that is the mixture of Roman herding dog and the smaller Spitz. These dogs have been used across the globe. These dogs are super intelligent and agile and also known as sheepdogs. The dog made its way to America and then joined the herding group of AKC.


The dog originated in Germany in the small town of Rottweil. The dog was a livestock herder who came as a protector for herding and march livestock. Also, these dogs are famous as protective dogs in the whole world. AKC ranked this dog as the 8th most popular breed in 2019. This dog is renowned as a loving, loyal, and confident dog. The Border Rottie inherits loyal and protective characteristics.

Border collie rottweiler mix

Rottweiler border collie mix dog

Border Rottie is an energetic dog and needs a family that can provide the best exercise that it needs. The family must be able to give the dog continual company the whole day. The dog has a lively character that provides endless hours of fun to the family. The dog does not like to be alone for long hours. The dog tries to be protective of its family because of the protective tendencies of a Rottweiler and the aloofness of Border Collie.


Border Collie breed is a brilliant breed that can learn complicated commands. They are much attached to the owner but reserved with strangers. These are the happiest dogs when they are busy with some work. But at the same time, these dogs also experience anxiety and boredom if they do not have something to do. The dog has full characteristics of the parent breed. They are highly loyal, energetic, protective, and affectionate dogs. These dogs give an excellent response to the training.



The healthy Border Collie can live around 12 to 15 years, and the Rottweiler has a lifespan of nine to ten years. Thus the mixed breed of both parents is expected to live within this year range.

Are Border Rottie’s family dogs?

Border collie rottweiler mix dog

They are loyal and loving dogs that are very intelligent and are strong-willed. Also, these dogs can be territorial too. These dogs need thorough training with extensive socialization at an early age. They give a perfect response to reward-based training. Having energetic parents, this dog breed is highly available to perform any task you allot them. This breed would be an excellent addition to your family.

Size and appearance

Border Collies are slightly smaller than a Rottweiler. The average weight of this mixed breed ranges from  30 pounds to 100 pounds. They measure from  20 inches to 27 inches tall and will weigh between 30 and 135 pounds. Actually like some other mixed dog breeds, the Border Rottie can be relied upon to resemble a mix of his parents, or intently take after one parent more than the other.