Different Types Of Shepherd Dogs

Different types of Shepherd dogs. Shepherd breed is prevalent not because of dog handlers, but also these dogs are smart quadrupeds. There is no reason behind the different types of sheep-dogs to work in the armed forces and at the law enforcement agencies. Shepherds have always proved to be devoting dogs to a family with their excellent sharpness and an ability to know the solution to a particular situation.

Features of the Shepherd dog breeds.

Shepherd dogs have a unique working personality, along with a high adaptation to the existence of people. This type of dog can perform a good number of tasks. Most of these dogs were for practical purposes to improve their ability to complete a specific task. Well, these sheepdogs are worth noting because of their beautiful appearance and dense wool. The shade of the coat may vary from one breed to another. These dogs can even serve in the most challenging situations. They are always loyal and trustworthy friends to human beings.

Also, note that the kind of shepherd dog breeds are not decorative breeds, but they are guard dogs. They require proper training to live and protect your family. You need to be busy with them to train and educate them. Please become an excellent companion to them as soon as possible. Love them as you can. It will help bring up the most durable bond of friendship.

Different types of Shepherd Dogs

  1. Australian Shepherd.
  2. Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
  3. Basque Shepherd
  4. Belgian Shepherd Dog.
  5. Eastern European Shepherd.
  6. Pyrenean Shepherd.
  7. Greek Shepherd.

Australian Shepherd

Different Types of Shepherd Dogs

These types of shepherd dogs are smart, loyal, and athletic herding dogs that have become popular pets in the recent coming years. They have a good variety of colors in the eyes, including blue, black, red, or white.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Different Types of Shepherd Dogs

This breed of dog originated in the Anatolia region of central Turkey. It is a durable, large, and rugged dog with perfect sight to protect livestock. They have a long tail with a curl and well developed muscular shoulders.

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Basque Shepherd

Different Types of Shepherd Dogs

Basque Shepherd is one of the types of shepherd dogs it is a landrace dog breed that originated in the Basque country used for the local shepherds to take care of cattle. They are active proportioned dogs with rectangular bodies and other trotter features. They have oval-shaped brown or amber shaded eyes with medium-sized triangular ears.

Belgian Shepherd Dog

Different Types of Shepherd Dogs

Belgian shepherd is a medium to a large-sized dog that originated in Belgium. These dogs are similar to the sheep herding dogs that have a balanced appearance. These are relatively long-haired guard dogs that have a double coat. These dogs have an underlying musculoskeletal structure with short legs.

Eastern European Shepherd

Different Types of Shepherd Dogs

This dog is a sizeable cold-resistant breed for military use. This dog breed is prevalent in Russia for public culture and has the topmost status. Eastern European shepherds are extremely loyal and smart dogs that are devoted to their owners. Eastern European shepherd dogs are substantial than German Shepherds that have a short coat of dense fur.

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Pyrenean Shepherd

Different Types of Shepherd Dogs

Pyrenean Shepherds are the medium-small sized dogs that work as active herders. Pyrenean Shepherds are the smallest French and Spanish dogs that come in two varieties of rough and smooth-faced. They have a long and lean head that reflects the natural athleticism of the dogs. These dogs have well-angulated, well-proportioned legs, and well-let down hocks that signifies for the sure-footed mountain breed.

Greek Shepherd

Different Types of Shepherd Dogs

Greek Shepherds are the Greek livestock guardian dogs bred for centuries. These dogs are primarily found in the mountain region. It is a medium-sized dog with a solid body and high physical strength. They can quickly fight with enemies and maintain their physical superiority. They have massive heads with a muzzle skull.