Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

What are the dog breeds that get along well with cats? It is a significant fact that dogs and cats fight a lot when they are together. But you do not want both of them to fight when they live together at your home. This situation has faced by many people in the world, but you should know that every dog does not compete with cats. Some many dogs and cats do not fight and live together as a family. Many owners have reported that they have a peaceful environment at home when both dogs and cats are living with them. 

Every dog and cat has different temperaments, but they could match in some cases. Some like to live in large and loud families and some other likes to live in quiet families. People need to get introduced to all the behavior factors of both cats and dogs. Some of the dog breeds that get along well with cats have given in a nice sorted list below. These dog breeds present the best survival conditions with cats at home.

7 Dog Breeds That Get Along Well With Cats


1 Bichon Frise

dog breeds that get along well with cats

Bichon Frise dog is tiny, and these dogs are also adorable. They live to live a social life, and they prefer to have a cat as a good playmate friend. They like to play with them and enjoy a full day, which helps them to have the right amount of exercise. You will surely find your cat and dog playing in wrestling matches that are interesting to watch. 

2 Maltese

dog breeds that get along well with cats

Maltese dogs mostly behave like cat behavior, and they also like curling up. Maltese are charming because they love cuddling up with cats, and they want to nap for long stretches. These are the best dog breeds that get along well with cats because they do not require any amount of maintenance.

3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

dog breeds that get along well with cats

Cavalier King Charles spaniel dog is very respectful, and they are also a little standoffish. They do not acquire any space for cats; instead, they like to play with cats every time. But they want to live a lonely and anxious life when they get left alone. This dog breeds particularly get along well with cats and they like to live happily with cats, and then they also adjust to every condition that gets based on cats. 

4 Boxer

dog breeds that get along well with cats

These dogs are enormous, but they get oriented towards the family. Fighters are fantastic for cats as well as for kids. They like to play with cats and children. Boxers are delightful, loyal, caring, and gentle. They accept cats like family because they get adjust very easily with cats. 

5 Dachshund

dog breeds that get along well with cats

Dachshunds are one of the dog breeds that get along well with cats and dachshunds like to stare at cats directly with eyes and make a great bond with them. Dachshund is familiar with cats, and they are intensely devoting to any friendship bond. They adjust with cats and play with them. They do not think about their things, but instead, they care about other family members that also include cats. 

6 German shepherd

dog breeds that get along well with cats

German Shepherd is a vast and harsh dog, but they are a brilliant and easily trainable dog. You need to know that German shepherd is a very excellent guard dog breeds and they are also very close to cats. They care about cats a lot like a family member, and they trust easily cats as family members. They quickly go with cats because of their intelligent behavior. 

7 Poodle

dog breeds that get along well with cats

Poodle dogs are very energetic dogs and happy creatures of the dog breed. Poodle likes to live satisfied in whatever condition lives. Poodles like cats because they are family-oriented creatures. They are brilliant, and they quickly get trained. They accept every family situation, and that’s why they go with a cat-loving family.

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