An Astonishing And Beautiful Long Haired Rottweiler

People get surprised when they get to see long haired Rottweiler while others get confused about what the breed of dog is. Traditional Rottweiler is short-haired, and people know them the most. When they see long haired ones, they usually think it is not their pure breed. It is generally because these dogs are hardly found in the world.

All about the long haired Rottweiler

It is normal that a Rottweiler gives birth to a couple of puppies at one time and that too more than usual. Such dogs born either with long or rough hair are scarce. It is uncommon to find them with mix breed or of another breed of dogs it must also be said that even if it does cross it is very rare to get a Rottweiler with that type of long hair. But these long haired Rottweilers come from a pure breed.

They are healthy

Beautiful Long Haired Rottweiler

They are among the most healthy breed of Rottweilers. You usually will not encounter any Rottweiler health issues with them. They are generally a small version, but the only difference is in their hair and height. They are big with long hair. If you find a dog breed Rottweiler with long hair, then don’t worry about additional health issues. They are no such problems as genes or other health conditions brought by long hair.

They are not recognized by the AKC

An Astonishing And Beautiful Long Haired Rottweiler

You will not find long haired Rottweiler commonly, but they are present rarely in America. It is all because of breeding instructions established by the American Kennel Club. This club has to control the population of dogs of certain breeds.

You may not even find this breed in the show rings as it does not meet all standards put by AKC. It is a beautiful dog, and people are generally surprised to know about this dog.

Being rare in number, the demand for this dog is enormous these days. However, to find a breeder selling these long haired Rottweiler is a significant and difficult task. Many professional breeders follow specific rules of rottweiler breeding to prevent the selling of an unaltered long-haired rottweiler.

Still today, it is astonishing to know how long the hair of a rottweiler could be. These dogs are scarce even if two long-haired dogs are meant to breed together. There are chances when you find only one or two dogs with long hair in the litter.

Also, it is sad to note that, if there will be such strictness by Kennel Club in the future too, then it is for sure these long hair rottweiler will put to death in the coming years.

Where to get long haired Rottweiler

An Astonishing And Beautiful Long Haired Rottweiler

Currently, there have also been rampant cases of a long-haired rottweiler getting bred for not good reasons. The community of Rottweiler is strict only because of thinking of their ethics that do not follow up with corrupt practices. American Kennel Club sells these rare Rottweiler as a personal companion for making sure that there is a mixing of their breed. If you wonder to get this precious dog with you, then it is good to visit Rottweiler Community for this purpose.

They are perfect for you


Rottweilers have always been an excellent dog for a family. Thus if you want to spend money to have a good for you, then it is a bit of personal advice to go with long-haired Rottweilers. They are like siblings, and their cuteness attracts you towards them. Moreover, there have not been any signs or reports to make temperament changes until today brought in the breed of long hair Rottweilers. If you are fond of dogs and like them to be with you every time, then Rottweilers are the best, and long-haired ones will surely steal your heart to buy them. They are just perfect for you.



6 thoughts on “An Astonishing And Beautiful Long Haired Rottweiler”

  1. I absolutely love my Harley he is a beautiful long hair rottweiler. we could could tell was different from 9weeks his siblings are short haired . So he stood out was worried at first had never seen or heard of one for that matter. Amazing dog, but research says they are smaller but ours is anything but small.

  2. I have a normal sized female long haired German Rottweiler 80-90 pounds, with mahogany markings. when she was a puppy she was extra fluffy, way to cute. We didn’t realize she was long haired until she never grew out of her fluff. She’s the fourth Rottweiler I’ve had, and she has way more energy than my other rotts. Everyone asks what my rott is mixed with. Wish I could share a picture! All Rottweiler are gorgeous!!

  3. My long haired Rottweiler, Tyson is the most finest dog I’ve ever owned. I call him the lion because he has huge paws and when he walk he look like a lion in a wildlife program. He has the sweetest personality and when he gets into mischief and you want to tell him off you just burst out laughing because he looks at you as if to say,” I don’t know who done that”.

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