Top 10 Christmas Light decoration around the world

As every year, the Christmas Holidays are fast approaching this year too. And very soon, the Christmas decorations will start to come out. We can see several varieties of Christmas Displays out there. Some are classy and some are plain tacky as well. But there are some other displays that are so incredible enough to inspire everyone to visit them every year. The static twinkling lights of yesterdays have gone high tech now. And people now use modern musical extravaganzas with synchronized lighting effects for producing the dazzling and awesome displays. Christmas animation enthusiasts from around the globe are doing their best to choreograph the best Christmas lights ever than before. But there are some people who have installed the best and craziest Christmas Lights decoration in their houses.

Take a look at my favorites and 10 of the most popular Christmas Decorations from years past. Just imagine how delightful would that be to enjoy the tens of thousands of colorful and music-synchronized Christmas Lights  decoration.

10. Bernhard and Michaela Nermerich Family, Kelkheim, Germany

Christmas Lights

Since 2002, Bernhard and Michaela Nermerich have decorated their home with thousands of lights and mechanical Santas. Bernard is also popular among locals as Mr. Christmas of Kelkheim. They decorate their house with thousands of lights and hundreds of Santas most of which are able to move.

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9. Slayer Christmas

Slayer Christmas light


Slayer Christmas decoration include a snowman lip-syncing the words with thousands of extravagant lights. Synchronizing the best Christmas Lights to Slayer song became quite trendy since last couple of years ago and it makes a unique and inspiring heavy metal Christmas!

8. Hyatt Extreme Christmas

 Hyatt Extreme Christmas light decoration


It’s a Residential Christmas Holiday Display of Mark and Kathy Hyatt who live in Florida. They have been decorating their home ever since they got married in 1990. Their displays got brighter and bigger each year. Last year, they used more than 150,000 lights and hundreds of lighted Christmas figurines.

7. Berkshire, United Kingdom

christmas light berkshire

Vic Moszczynski had even caused controversy with his extravagant Christmas decorations in the year 2005. Vic was banned by Wokingham District Council in 2006 from putting up his full range of lights for Christmas decorations for three years. He again decorated his house in 2009 after the ban expired but could never reach the height of his 2005 Christmas lights. His installation attracted thousands of visitors to his home and was able to raise £55, 000 for the charity of bereaved children.

6. Garabedian family Christmas Lights, The Bronx, New York

 Garabedian family Christmas Lights

The Garbedian Home allures thousands of visitors every week with its amazingly decorated beautiful bright Christmas lights. The house is amazingly installed with massive Christmas display featuring more than 170 mannequins, 10 hooved animals and 50 cherubs. You can see eight celebrities and four popular fairy tale characters along with baby Jesus beautifully beautiful decorated. For more than thirty years, the Garabedian Family decorated their house with hundreds of animated figurines and thousands of lights on Pelham Parkway North.

5. Baltimore, Maryland Christmas Lights

Baltimore, Maryland Christmas Lights

Every resident on the 700 block of 34th street in Baltimore has put up Christmas lights ever since 1989. Locally people call this tradition as The Miracle on 34th Street. One block in Hampden puts on Christmas light display that is surely visible from space. Inflatable snow-globes, blinking angels and musical trains all make the scenario amazingly adorning. The Miracle on 34th Street is known to be one of the most attractive Christmas light displays in the world.

4. Singapore, Orchard Road Lights

Orchard Road christmas Lights, Singapore

Orchard Road and Marina Bay in Singapore are lit up with beautiful Christmas and Tropics Light displays every year. Of course, the famous shopping district celebrates with the amazingly twinkling street lights. Orchard Road Lights of Singapore are the popular Christmas Lights in Asia.

3. The Dalisay Family Christmas Lights in Philippines

 The Dalisay family Christmas Lights Manila, Philippines.

The Dalisay Family lives in Manila, Philippines. They have wrapped their home in amazingly beautiful Christmas lights since 1996 and they still decorate their home like this each year during Christmas. Believe me! Dalisay family can afford to decorate their house with wrought-iron and a driveway of paving stones.

2. Alex Goodhind Christmas Lights

Alex Goodhind Christmas Lights


Electrician Alex Goodhind of Melksham, United Kingdom has taken a month off work to string up his Christmas Lights. Unbelievable shine of his Christmas lights are capable to bedazzle any visitors. He installs 115000 bulbs on his home every year and raise money for a local hospice care. However, the cost of light installation has already crossed £30,000; he is still continuing his decoration every year.

1. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights christmas


One of my favorite parts of the Christmas Décor is The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This light installation perhaps is the biggest and the brightest Christmas Lights ever. It is even rumored to be visible from space! The Osborne Family light display became so obnoxious to all neighbors that the State Supreme Court shut it down. But, Disney got to know about this display and purchased from Osborne. Now, it’s the fantastical Christmas display that we can see in Florida.

Final Conclusion: These Christmas Light Installations will win you over, no doubt. But there’s an environmental price to pay as well. According to the Energy Saving Trust of United Kingdom, the modest indoor Xmas-tree lights if burned for 10 hours a day will cost about £15 million each year and it generates the vast amount of carbon dioxide too. So, to be eco-friendly with Christmas Light Installations, LED displays are advisable. Many people are already adopting eco-friendly Christmas Light Installation practices. Hope, people will come up with the best of the best light decorations in the Christmases to come.

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