Top 10 Christmas Music to Celebrate Christmas

The Christmas spirit comes alive in the month of December every year. No doubt that Christmas music is also an indispensable part of pop music. Not only Christians but the followers of other religions as well wait impatiently for this festival. Everyone wants to enjoy the Christmastime by singing or listening to the popular and latest Christmas carols and they play an important role in giving a touch of happiness in this celebration. In the eve of the Christmas, our happiness and emotions know no bounds. But, talking about the top 10 Christmas music playlist to celebrate Christmas, it’s very tough work to chart the best top 10 songs as there are plenty of good and classic Christmas songs out there. There are numerous songs which have become very popular and people love to listen to those numbers anywhere and anytime. Anyway, I have prepared the top 10 list of the most popular songs known to be amongst the bests to celebrate Christmas. This list consists of the songs from evergreen classics to the modern day hits. I do hope that you will obviously find these songs both familiar and festive in nature.

10. Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses

As we get older, Christmas begins to feel like little more than an inconvenience. However, this bouncy new wave gem of ‘Christmas Waitresses’ reminds us to resist the impulse to scream and simply go with it. Actually, ‘Christmas Wrapping’ was the first down by a girl band called ‘The Waitresses’. One way or other, amazingly festive spirit will see you through once you play the stomping disco rhythm of this song. If this doesn’t pep you up, I bet nothing will. So, this song by Spice Girls can be one of the best songs for your holiday playlist.

9. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

‘Mistletoe’ was released in 2011 as a lead single from Justin’s Christmas Album ‘Under the Mistletoe’ and now is in the top list of holiday playlists. In recent years, some of the modern days Christmas songs are able to take carve out an iconic place next to the legendry traditional classics that have come before and ‘Mistletoe’ is one among such modern hits. Canadian teen heart throb Justin Bieber attracted far more mass from this song. ‘Mistletoe’ is written by Nasri Atweh and Adam Messinger. Justin certainly has hit his strides with ‘Mistletoe’.

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8. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard

Wizzard, whose song has been called one of the typical office party favorites, made a rather interesting impression at the time when song was released in 1973 when his beard was comparable to the one of Santa Claus. There is hardly any corporate Christmas party that does not have ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ on their playlist. It doesn’t mean that there’s something not listen to it at home. It’s one of all time popular Christmas songs after all. Wizard is also popularly known as Roy Wood. This is one of the songs that never get old.

7. Do They Know It’s Christmas – Band Aid

‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?‘ is actually the 1984 reaction of Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to the Ethiopian famine. It was the biggest UK chart success of the decade. Despite being criticized for many things, this song dedicated to Christmas was and still is well received not only by their fans but also by the ones that wanted to make their holiday christmas playlist complete. The song has the perfect lyrics to complement the surprisingly unconventional melody. The music is so able to evoke the emotions and spirits of the celebration. Putting that all aside, it’s also just a great pop song.

6. Fairytale of New York – The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl

For many people, ‘The Fairy Tale of New York’ is the best christmas song ever written to celebrate the festivity of Christmas. It’s depressing yet very hopeful and it’s heartbreaking yet so uplifting. For sure, ‘The Fairy Tale of New York’ is a microcosm of the Christmastime. This song is for sure a perfect four minute narrative of hopes and despairs, heartbreaks and uplifts. And despite the profanity, this song ends with love, which is the reason why it’s still in the number one choice in numerous Christmas playlist. ‘The Fairy Tale of New York’ the most popular artist version performed by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl. This song is written by Hem Finer and Shane MacGowan and it became a big hit shortly after its release.

5. Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCrtney

Wonderful Christmastime is a beautiful Christmas song by Paul McCartney released in 1979. It’s been enjoying noteworthy Christmastime airplay around the world till the date. It is estimated that Wonderful Christmastime makes around $400,000 every year and its cumulative earnings is about $15 million. And every year during holiday seasons, this song still remains to get considerable publicity. During the sessions for his solo project McCartney II, The Wonderful Christmastime was entirely recorded by McCartney. Following its release, in 1980, ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ was able to peak at number 6 on UK Singles Chart. This song still is one of the topmost songs during Christmas music playlist.


4. All I Want For Christmas Is YOU – Mariah Carey

‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is actually one of the greatest songs ever for Christmastime festivity. And it’s because this song is catchier that a Christmas cold, no doubt. Mariah Carey launched this song in 1994 but its uplifting vibes make this song one of the most played songs during all holiday seasons. I bet, no other Christmas songs can beat the gaiety of Mariah’s falsetto. ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ for sure is the great Christmas song no matter if you get bored of it. This song no doubt, is for life. This song would be ever present each and every Christmas in every house and holiday parties. Of course, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is all time classic that nobody can get tired of listening to it during Christmastime.

3. Last Christmas – Wham!

Even after almost 30 years, ‘Last Christmas’ is still present in the top list of almost all Christmas compilations. The unforgettable and amazingly touching voice of George Michael and the tone and spirit of the song are the reasons why it’s still an important part of Christmas celebration. The word Merry Christmas never sounded so sultry and that’s what makes this song so very special. But, very people know that this song was not released under the name George Michael as he was a part of the popular band of that time called ‘Wham!’ in 1984. Last Christmas still is one of the best songs for Christmas celebrations.

2. Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms

‘Jingle Bell Rock’ was first released in 1957 by Bobby Helms and is one of the most popular Christmas Songs of all time. This is such a great song and is still one of the most popular tunes, even by today’s standards. ‘Jingle Bell Rocks’ definitely follows rocking mainstream of music to reinvent the seasonal soundtrack for this 21st century. If you are ever feeling down and jaded about Holiday season, you just put this song on repeat. Written by Joseph Carleton Bean and James Ross Boothe, Jingle Bell Rocks is the most popular artist version performed by Bobby Helms.

1. Little Saint Nick – The Beach Boys

‘Little Saint Nick’, is one of the most festive songs for Christmas playlist. Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, Little Saint Nick was originally performed by their group called The Beach Boys. It has managed to remain in the top 10 Christmas playlist worldwide. It was even credited as an unofficial million seller over several Christmases. Little Saint Nick has such a great touch of summer sounds that almost makes you forget the winter in Christmas celebration. You will never be tired of listening to such a dynamic song. It’s just fantastic.

Conclusion: ‘It’s Christmas!’ When this thought pops up, the life defining festivity comes in our mind. Christmas music is one of the reasons why Christmas is so special. Although you might have heard several songs in Christmas celebrations, you will definitely love the list I have prepared above. I know some people just hate Christmas music. Even I am with them for the most part. But, there are songs so special, so amazing, and so heart-touching. There are songs that you never get tired of listening to them. Some of those songs are all time favorites for many people from around the world. Perhaps this list have missed out some of really great Christmas songs, but I hope that the songs I have included are among the best Christmas songs to celebrate this festival.