Top 10 Unique Buddhist Monasteries Around the World

Yumbulagang Monastery, Tibet

While we talk of Buddhism, monasticism plays vital role as it is one of the most fundamental institutions in Buddhist teachings. It’s the monks and nuns who are considered responsible for preserving the religion and spreading Buddhist teachings all over the world. They are responsible for educating and guiding Buddhist followers as well. Looking back … Read more

Top 10 Christmas Light decoration around the world

Christmas Lights

As every year, the Christmas Holidays are fast approaching this year too. And very soon, the most unique Christmas decorations will start to come out. We can see several varieties of Christmas Displays out there. Some are classy, and some are plain tacky as well. But some other displays are incredible enough to inspire everyone to … Read more

Top 10 Christmas Music to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas music

The Christmas spirit comes alive in the month of December every year. No doubt that Christmas music is also an indispensable part of pop music. Not only Christians but the followers of other religions as well wait impatiently for this festival. Everyone wants to enjoy the Christmastime by singing or listening to the popular and … Read more