Top 10 interesting facts about Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April, 1889 in Austria but was a German citizen who served the soldiers in WWI and the military as an intelligence officer before rising to power as a leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party. The Nazi leader- Hitler made great speeches that enthralled the listeners to make him reach to a greater height in German politics and develop anti-Semitic, anti-Marxist and nationalist ideologies to the extreme among his men. He became German Chancellor from 1933 to 1945 and then served as the most powerful tyrannical fascist dictator of his times.

This Nazi who precipitated the World War II and the Holocaust was a passionate German patriotic who hated Jews and had many contradictory and strange unsubstantiated rumors regarding his life and death. Let us take a look at ten of the most beguiling and interesting facts that trawled through the wilderness of Hitler’s lives.

10. Hitler suffered from a farting disorder

hitler flart

Hitler is said to have suffered from a farting disorder called meteorosis during the World War I. His medical doctors described that Hitler loved eating pastries which helped him to exacerbate meteorosis. Because of this disorder, Hitler was very much careful to eating dairy and meat products so that he could prevent the smelly gas. This problem even caused stomach pains and cramps and he would sometimes run from the table. This disorder made Hitler a vegetarian.

9.  Hitler loved sweets

hitler love sweet

Hitler is believed to have had insatiable taste for sweets and chocolates. He had incredible sweet tooth and he used to consume two pounds of chocolate each day. He used to drink hot chocolates with whipped cream on the top. Adding sugar to red wine before taking it was what he did every day. As Hitler was vegetarian, he used to eat a lot of pastries and cakes as well.

8. Hitler was very superstitious

superstitious hitler

Hitler is supposed to be an insanely superstitious dictator. Hitler’s profile reveals that he never removed his coat in public and this was assumed to be stemmed from a particular superstition that Hitler had. Hitler also considered number 7 of great potential and used to seek advices from fortune tellers and astrologers. The emblem of Nazi that Hitler chose, The Swastika is believed to have magical powers. It is also said that Hitler’s allies used to consult his horoscope to anticipate his battle plans because of his superstitious beliefs.

7. Hitler wanted to become an artist

artist hitler

Hitler was very fond of drawings, paintings and art. He also took singing lessons and sang in the church choir. When he moved to Vienna, he worked as a watercolor painter. Hitler applied for the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna twice but was rejected in both times. People say that Hitler was so much into arts that he hated his father for denying him to set his career in that field.

6. Hitler was an insomniac

hitler insomniac

Hitler was an insomniac and used to work mostly during the nights. He used to sleep at around 4-5 AM in the morning and wake up at 11 AM. One of the main reason for his insomniac behavior was he was afraid of dark. He used to have company till the dawn for playing him music, watch movies or talk to him. He also used to fear harm from things that were unknown, so he would always ask his maid to check the bed before he retired to bed.

5. Hitler Feared blades

hitler fear blades

It might be interesting to know that the one who felt to be dominant throughout the world feared of blades in other people’s hand. He used to feel extremely terrified during haircuts and used to scream a lot. This is considered to be a paranoia in him that a lot of people wanted to end his life. Because of this fear, he used to shave his beard all by himself as he did not want anybody to hold a blade near to his throat.

4. Hitler was the Man of the Year 1938

times magazine man of the year hitler

Hitler was announced as the Man of the Year 1938 by Time Magazine on 2nd January, 1939. Time noted that Hitler had become one of the greatest threatening force in 1938 that the world’s democracy and freedom is going to face. The Time mentions that Hitler was awarded because of his incredible dictatorial capacity to reduced Czechoslovakia to one of German puppet state without a blood, revisions that he made in the defensive alliances of Europe and won support from Britain and France very soon after he got into power.

3. Hitler had doubles

hitler doubles

It is assumed that Hitler had around three doubles or doppelgangers (in German) that looked alike and were trained to be like Hitler. It is supposed that the doubles were set up to be dead in the battlefield so that Hitler could be glorified. Some reports that surveyed on Hitler say that the doubles were taught to speak and move like Hitler which they mastered in no time. Even, their spines were broken right on the same place where Hitler was injured during the World War I. It is also said that the doubles were used only in the war scene or in public meetings and parties and not in between large number of people as nobody could match his ability to sway a crowd.

2. Hitler had only one testicle

hitler with one testicle

German army medic who saved Hitler’s life in the battle of Somme 1916 claimed that Hitler was injured in abdomen and had lost one of his testicles in the battlefield. He was called ‘screamer’ after the battle because he cried and screamed a lot after injury during the battle. The doctor who saved Hitler’s life also admitted that the first thing Hitler asked was if he could bear child anymore or not. The British Bogey March was tuned during the WWII as a mockery to this event.

1. Hitler masterminded the blow-up dolls

blow-up dolls hitler

Hitler invented the concept of blow-up dolls for his soldiers to prevent the spread of syphilis that were caused because of dalliances with French prostitutes. The making of these dolls was a top secret mission during the war after syphilis was found to be widespread among his men. These dolls were smaller in size and could fit in the backpack and could comfort the soldiers. However, the blow-up doll factories were destroyed in the Dresden bombing during World War II.

Final Conclusion

Hitler was one of the most influential leaders in the German history. Alongside his strict personality and nationality beliefs, he loved to watch movies a lot. He was funny and interesting person and he used to buy socks that had holes in them, had a dog named Lincoln and cat called Kennedy who he loved a lot. This influential voiced personality was also attracted to a lot of females and loved to be kicked by them. Born on national Marijuana day, Hitler trusted children more than adults. Hitler was also a school dropout and was said to fancy himself as a leader when he was a child. Several myths about Hitler makes him one of the most amazing and interesting dictator of all times.