Top 10 Most Popular Men Hairstyle of the 90’s

A hairstyle is as important as the clothes that people wear. Combing the mop of hair to find the perfect match to the body is not so easy and it might as well need to change with the seasons to make people distinguish the classics from the general trends. In general a hairstyle is someone’s personal statement. It is what distinguishes the uniqueness of style; of one’s persona.

Curls, straights, breezy waves and more, people tend to look glamorous by giving a new look along with the trend or either following some classy hairstyle from different legends back in the past. The age of the 90s was a genesis of fashion; branding one’s body with tattoos, body piercing and hair style reached to a different level of adoption. So, here we list the top 10 most popular men hairstyle of the 90s.

10. The Cornrows Hairstyle

Cornrows hairstyle

The Cornrows are basically regarded as traditional African hairsyles. However, with the rise of the hip-hop culture in 90s, the cornrows become insanely famous throughout the world. People with thick and curly hair opted for this sort of hairstyle ass they were very much manageable. People just needed to keep their hair clean and moisturized to maintain this hairstyle. However, making the cornrows braids was extremely difficult and hurting. It also got a ban from the schools in UK later in 2011 as the hairstyle was a sign of a gang membership. However, it was still a trademark of fashion to many basketball and football player in the 90s.

9. Jheri Curl Hairstyle

Jheri Curl hairstyle

One of the widely popular men-hairstyle of the 70’s and 80’s were re-introduced in the 90s by rappers like Eazy- E and several hip-hop groups like Ice Cube and the N.W.A. The infamous greasy look by permed hairstyle got its fan base mostly among the African American, Black British and Black Canadian societies. Much easier to care, the Jheri Curl hairsyle gave a glossy and loosely curled looks. However, the gels and oils required to maintaining the hair got relatively expensive and then, this hair-style soon faded. Even pop sensation Michael Jackson who committed suicide in 2009 once maintained the Jheri Curl hairstyle.

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8. Flat Top Hairstyle

Flat top hairstyle

A flat top hair-cut is a type of a hi-top fade style of hair cut where the sides are kept short and the hair on the top of the head is made longer. It was symbolized as the hip-hop and urban contemporary music hairstyle in the late 1980s and the early years of the 90s. Most of the youths belonging to Africa- America had a flat top haircut. It became a symbol of rap-culture with the rappers like Kid ‘N Play, Kwame and Big Daddy promoting this hairstyle trend all over the world. This flat top hairstyle also helped to describe the New Jack Swing movements in the late 80s and early 90s.

7. The 360 Waves Hairstyle

360 waves hairstyle

The 360 waves is a short hairstyle specially worn by men where the hair is cut short in the style of a Caesar Cut. The brushing techniques give a ‘oceanic wave’ in the hair. The 360 waves hairstyle was very much popular among the people with curly hair in the 90s. This hairstyle reflects the natural roots of hair to be exposed and as the hair grows further, wolfing can be done to achieve deeper waves in the hair. However, daily conditioning of the hair was required to maintain this hairstyle.

6. Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk Hairstyle

One of the oldest hairstyle maintained, the Mohawk hairstyle became a classic in the 1970s-1980s and was reintroduced in the modern days of the 90s. The mohawk hairstyle was re-styled and was named ‘dreadhawk’ and the ‘rawhawk’. Most often maintain by several people of the goth cultures, dubstep and the crustpunk band members, it was also seen in the Marvel Comics character Daken; the son of Wolverine. The Mohawk hairstyle is maintained with shaved side hairs and a longer hairs in the center of the head. The Tampa Bay rays players and fans kept its legacy in the 90s. Even one of the famous wrestlers of all times, ‘The Undertaker’ had a mohawk turned to ‘warhawk’ hairstyle.

5. The Bowl Cut Hairstyle

Bowl Cut Hair Style

The bowl cut is also referred as the helmet haircut or a mushroom haircut and is one of the simplest for of hair-cuts mostly sported by children. The hair is cut with straight bands on the front and hair of same length throughout the other sides and the back. Traditionally, people put a cooking pot that fit the size to the level of ears and the rest of the hair below was cut off. The bowl cut became a famous haircut in several punk rock bands like the Ramones mostly in America.

4. The Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet hairstyle

Hair shorter at front and longer at the back is what describes the Mullet hair. The Beastie Boys’ song ‘Mullet Head’ in 1994 got very much popular after which the hairstyle came into fashion. The Superman comics in the 1990s also shows the the Superman in a Mullet haircut. Punk rock bands were mostly famous for mullets which also included several country music singers like Travis Tritt, Billy Ray Cyrus and Joe Defoe. Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt also had mullet hair-cut during the 1990s.

4. The Afro Hairstyle

Afro Hair Style

People with lengthy and kinky hair texture maintained a fashion with the Afro Hairstyle. The hairs are extended out from the scalp and are made in a round shape like that of a ball or a cloud. Creams, gels and other solodifying liquids were used to give the shape to this Afro Style of Hair. Popular around the decade of the 60s, the Afro hairstyle saw its resurgence in the 90s again but with various braids, twists ans sizes. Even Afro wigs became equally popular. NBA players Kobe Bryant, Michael Beasley along with several musicians Ludacris, Wiz Khalifa, Beyonce Knowles had the Afro style of hair in the 90s.

2. Frosted Tips Hairstyle

Frosted Tips hairstyle

The Frosted Tips hairstyle was prominent throughout the late 1990s. This form of hairstyle was maintained short and spikes were formed on the tips of the hair by using hair sprays and gels. Even, the hair was dyed to give a pale blond look. This form of hairstyle became a fashion in no time because it reflected ones natural hair tone and highlights which made it look multidimensional by accentuating the skin tone as well. Lance Bass was an idol to maintain the Frosted Tips hairstyle in the 90s.

1. Curtained Hairstyle

Parted haircut

The curtained or the parted hairstyle was one of the most popular hairstyle in the 90s as men with both long or short hairs could adopt to this fashion trend. This form of hairstyle made men look amazingly gorgeous and gave a cool aura to men. The sideways parting was done by people with shorter hair while people with longer hair did the middle parting. Even grunge bedhead hairstyle was maintain with parting the hair. The curtained hair was popular through out the 20th century among the synthpop and electronic music lovers. It also became an alternative to the mullet. Win Butler looked amazing in the curtained hairstyle and it became too mainstream during the 90s. Tom Cruise also wore this hairstyle and then, it became a trend throughout the 90s. The curtained haircut was also named as the ‘Nazi Haircut’ by many people.


Generally, the age of the 90s saw men hair become shorter and dyed. Most of the people changed their hairstyle trends being based on the members of music bands they loved. Pony tails, spiky hairs, crew cuts, curtained, shaggy and surfer hair became really popular. Hi-top fade became famous for hip-hop lovers. Also, people even loved to put on a hairband to give a better look and this made the era of 90s fashion, almost based on hairstyles rather than clothings and accessories.

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