Top 10 outstanding hybrid dogs

Beabull hybrid dog

Hybrid dogs, fashionably known as the designer dogs today are the results of controlled cross-breeding between two purebred dogs. They are the Dogs people go head over heels for. The passion for designer dogs traces back to some point in the late 20th century, when certain breeders started experimenting purebred poodles with other purebred breeds … Read more

Top 10 characters from The Harry Potter

Draco Lucius Malfoy Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling created a world we all craved for. We all have secretly waited for an owl to arrive at our doorsteps with an acceptance letter addressed to us from Hogwarts. Harry Potter is not a folk tale or a fable and also not just a set of children books. It is rather, a set … Read more

Top 10 things to do if you are single on Valentines Day

remember unhappy couples on valentines day

Don’t have a special somebody to celebrate over-rated ‘love-day’; The Valentine’s Day with? Actually, it will all be okay and it’s a promise. It’s just like any other day. The only difference is, that you’ll get annoyed with valentine greetings and pictures of people celebrating the day on the news-feed of facebook, couples romancing in the … Read more