Top 10 Cities in USA with Lowest Recorded Crime Rates

Probably we all are concerned about the crime rates in our city or the city we are planning to move. And if we talk of United States of America, there are many cities with high risk of violent attacks. The major problem with large cities is that they have more crime rates than smaller cities. According to the latest statistics by FBI, the violent crime in USA rose last year. Having all that said there still are few large cities in the United States that boast surprisingly very low crime rates. To find out which cities in USA are with least crime rates, we have studied the latest report of FBI on violent crime. To make the listing more precise, we have included the cities with populations of more than 100000. FBI has listed the cities on the basis of violent crimes that include murders, robberies, forcible rapes, non negligent manslaughter, and aggravated assaults. According to the UCR Program by FBI, violent crimes are defined as the offenses that involve force or threat of force.

So, let’s discuss about the safest cities in USA in terms of crime rates. Make sure if your city made the list of top 10 cities in USA with least crime rates. Always feel free to drop your views in the comment box below.

10. Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue Washington city crime rate

The population of Bellevue is about 124,283 and it’s the tenth city in USA with least crime rates. Throughout all of last year, only 75 violent crimes occurred in Bellevue. The city made the outstanding progress in law enforcement by making use of latest technological innovations. Bellevue Police Foundation afforded the technologies like Crime Analysis Software, T-3 Electronic Vehicle for downtown patrols, Digital Forensics Server, IPads for the field use, and so on. Since its inception in 2009, Bellevue Police Foundation has collected more than $233000 in donations. So, Bellevue is one of the safest cities in Washington.

9. Arvada, Colorado

Arvada Colorado city crime rate

Arvada city of Colorado ranks the ninth on the list of cities in USA with least crime rates. With its population of about 102,125, Arvada has progressed in minimizing crime rates dramatically. Throughout the last year, only 77 violent crimes occurred in the city. The Police Department of Arvada boasts all-wheel drive Police Interceptor Utility Vehicles for controlling criminal activities in the city. So, Arvada is another among the safest cities in the USA.

8. Amherst, New York

amherst newyork city crime rate

With its population of about 117,591 Amherst city of New York stands at the 8th position of cities with least crime rates. Throughout the last year, only 88 violent crimes were reported from Amherst, none of these crimes being murders. A year after the city was established in 1818; Amherst is having a strong law enforcement presence. Maybe, their law enforcement is the reason of this low crime rate. Amherst now is the 8th on list of cities having least crime rates in 2012.

7. Norman, Oklahoma

Norman Oklahoma city crime rate

Norman is the small city of Oklahoma. According to the latest statistics by FBI, the city ranks seventh on the list of American cities with the least crime rates. The entire population of Norman is about 112,112. And throughout the last year, only 78 violent crimes were occurred in the city. Variety of community safety awareness campaigns conducted by Norman Police Department and their law enforcement policy are the major reasons why Norman could achieve this low crime rate. The recent survey conducted shows that the citizens are very pleased with the law enforcement agency. Norman for sure is one of the safest cities in USA with very low crime rate.


6. Round Rock, Texas

round rock text city crime rate

Round Rock city of Texas has the population of about 101,989 and had a mere 67 violent crimes occurred last year. This low crime rate wouldn’t be possible if the police department of Round Rock didn’t involve heavily with their community. The Lock Box program conducted by the police department was very effective on reducing crime rate of the city. According to the program, the citizens that are at high risk for emergencies would be placed in the lock box. Round Rock now is another safest city in USA, if it comes to violent crimes.

5. The Township of Edison, New Jersey

New Jersey crime rate

The Township of Edison, New Jersey has the mere population of 100,300. Throughout the last year, 61 violent crimes were reported in the city, none of which were murders. The keys to this lower crime rate are to the heavy involvement in the community, and strong law enforcement agency. The police department is so able to maintain the peace and also offers numerous community services like counseling for families and youth. The Township of Edison is one of the safest cities in USA for 2013.

4. McAllen, Texas

McAllen Texas city crime rate

McAllen, with its population of about 132,610, is one of the safest cities in the USA. Throughout the year 2012, it had only 76 violent crimes. This crime rate was possible due to the strong law enforcement policies of the city and the heavy involvement of community as well. The citizens of McAllen have a Police Academy and they have also implemented a Teen Court brought up by a Teen Jury. McAllen ranks fourth in our list of American cities with least crime rates.


3. Temecula, California

Temecula California city crime rate

Temecula is one of the small cities in California with its population of about 101,274. Throughout the year 2012, only 54 violent crimes were occurred and none of them were murders. They have divided their law enforcement agency into specialized teams that focus on various different aspects of community supervision. They have formed the teams like Mounted Posse responsible for searching and rescuing and high visibility patrol, the Mall Team responsible for various incidents occurring in the mall, and the Gang Detail Team responsible for tracking down any sign of gang activities in their city. Temecula is the third safest city in the USA on the basis of least crime rate.


2. Irvine, California

Irvine, California city crime rate

With the population of about 217,528, Irvine has continuously been on the top of the list of the cities with least crime rates since many years. It is also the largest of the safest cities in America. Throughout the year 2012, there were only 110 violent crimes occurred in the city. The reason behind the low crime rate in the city of Irvine is their active community outreach programs. They have been very actively focusing on various community outreach programs like counseling the people, conducting various support systems in emergency cases. Irvine also offers a Community Police Academy for the public help. This year, Irvine ranks second position on the cities with least crimes rates.


1. Murrieta, California

Murrieta, California city crime rate

Murrieta tops our list of top 10 cities in USA with least crime rates. With only 45 violent crimes occurring for the entire population of about 101,274, Murrieta is reported to be the safest cities in USA while it comes to violent crimes. Their local law enforcement agency has been very active to prevent crime before it even occurs. The citizens have been actively participating in a wide range of programs to maintain the peace in their city and reduce the criminal activities in their community. The programs like “You Are Not Alone” have been offering assistance to the elderly and disabled people. The “Youth Accountability Team” program is responsible for assists the youth risk issues. The police department of Murrieta has been supporting amply in various community issues. Various volunteering groups have been actively working for reducing the criminal activities in the city.

Final Conclusion: It is evident that the crime rates in various cities have risen recently. But cities included in this list are the prime examples of how crime rates can be vastly reduced if the community directly backs the effective law enforcement policies the city. The citizens are actively supporting their police department and law enforcement agencies to help them stop criminal acts in the city. Of course, reducing crime rate is possible and we as a citizen can help through various volunteering, fundraising, supervision, and other creative programs.

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