Top 10 Countries Engaged With Ongoing Wars and Armed Conflicts

Wars are never the best solution to conflicts. But they do happen and in fact, are still occurring at certain parts of the world. The different countries with on-going armed conflicts are listed below. Individuals scheduled for a trip to these places are forewarned.


10. Palestine

Latest Casualty Count: 2,204


The Palestinian conflict with Israel has been an on-going struggle since the middle of the 20th century. Despite peace talks, the key issues remain unresolved: mutual recognition, security, borders, water rights, and the control of Jerusalem. The conflict is generally concentrated on the Gaza strip.

9. Libya

Latest Casualty Count: 2,595


The Libyan Civil War is taking a toll on its own nation. This armed conflict is mainly fought between the Islamist forces and the Libyan Parliament. The conflict is fairly new, having started only on December 2013, after Nouri Abusahmain was elected president of the Libyan General National Congress. Allegedly abusing his powers, General Khalifa Haftar ordered the dissolution of the GNC in favor of a new caretaker government. The conflict remained unresolved since then.

8. Afghanistan

Latest Casualty Count: 3,188


Afghanistan has been fighting in a Civil War since April 1978. This 37-year-old armed conflict started with the Saur Revolution. Since then, the country has seen many instances of uprising. The communist forces of Afghanistan figure very well in this conflict, with the last incident leading to the Taliban insurgency.

7. Ukraine

Latest Casualty Count: 4,707


Also known as the War in Donbass, this freshly brewed armed conflict began in March 2014. An anti-government group staged a demonstration at Donetsk and Luhansk to exhibit a pro-Russian protest. The Russian military intervention in Donbass was denied by the nation itself, while the Ukrainian officials declared that 70% of the Russian troops have been withdrawn. Even so, the conflict is still far from total resolution.

6. Pakistan

Latest Casualty Count: 4,957


There’s a war in Northwest Pakistan and it is between three groups: the government, the armed militia factions, including Al-Qaeda, and the elements of organized crime. This on-going insurgency started in 2004 and the CIA was already involved. Drone strikes were being conducted by the US intelligence agency in the hope to stop what they refer to as a War on Terror.

5. Central Africa

Latest Casualty Count: 5,186

Central Africa

There are many rebels in the Central African Republic that has been thwarting the peace of the nation. The conflicts began in December 2012 when rebels accused the government of failing to abide by the peace agreements. This conflict has seen three presidential position changes. Lately, the Central African government officially declared war against the militia groups and started their own round of attacks. As a result, many Muslim civilians flee the nation.

4. Nigeria

Latest Casualty Count: 5,703


Islamist insurgency is also happening in Nigeria. Known as the Sharia Conflict, the conflicts started in 1999 when the Sharia Law was established. The Sharia Law is the moral code of Islam, which the government decreed to become the basis of legislation in the country. The move caused the eruption of occasional riots between Muslim and Christians. It also gave power to the Islamist group Boko Haram to start a rebellion against the government.

3. Iraq

Latest Casualty Count: 13,460


The Iraqi Civil War escalated at the moment the US withdraw its troops from the country. From that point until today, the central government was plagued by sectarian violence, which mostly rooted from the different religious groups in the country. The conflicts were concentrated mostly on northern and central Iraq, including the city capital Baghdad. All these conflicts and violence gave way to the resurgence of the Al-Qaeda group in Iraq.

2. Syria

Latest Casualty Count: 30,000


The Syrian Uprising stated in 2011 and has remained unresolved since then. The conflicts began with the Arab Spring protest, which campaigns for the removal of President Bashar al-Assad from office. It has been reported that chemical weapons were being used in the war, as massacres continue to rise in number.

1. South Sudan

Latest Casualty Count: 40,000

South Sudan

In South Sudan, the conflicts are between the forces of the government and the opposition leaders. It started when the government ordered the disarming of the ethnical troops while the Dinka members were re-armed. The order was questioned by the affected forces and a coup ensued. What was announced as a one-day fight dragged on for over a year. Rebels get to control some of the oil fields in the region while the Nuer army gets to control certain regions. This war is still on-going and has posted the most number of recent casualties