Top 10 Countries with Solid Disaster Management System

Disaster comes when least expected. In many countries around the world, disasters are treated as part of their nation’s existence. As such, they focus greatly on mitigating the risks involved with every disaster so that in the event that they do arise, the government is more than ready to handle the situation. Here are the countries with the most solid disaster management system in existence:


10. Pakistan


Being a war-torn country, Pakistan is one nation that will benefit most with a disaster management system. They call theirs the Disaster Risk Management Society, which was headquartered at the GC University in Lahore. As a university level institution, their group is dedicated to providing workshops, seminars, tours, lectures, and other interactive activities to promote disaster management and awareness. The agency aims to mitigate the effects of the earthquakes, major floods, drought, cyclones, avalanches, and all the other hazards that are known to affect Pakistan’s economy.

9. Somalia


Somalia, a war stricken African nation, has recently seen the creation of a federal body called the Somali Disaster Management Agency. This agency, which was founded on May 30, 2013, works directly with the Somalian government to provide immediate response to people who are affected by various natural disasters. Currently, they are working to support some 2,700 drought-affected communities within their jurisdiction.

8. India


India established its National Disaster Management Authority in 2005. The primary purpose of this government arm is to coordinate the teams that are equipped to provide the proper response to both natural and man-made disasters. From the agency’s first day in office, it has helped in a number of India’s local disasters such as the Sikkim earthquake of 2011, the cloudburst of 2010, the drought that affected 252 districts in 2009, the Kosi floods, and Cyclone Nisha, among others.

7. Russia


Russia established the Ministry of Emergency Situations on January 10, 1994. Their main mission is to eliminate the consequences of catastrophes, large-scale disasters, and other emergencies. To fulfill its duties, the government granted the agency all the equipment it needs such as, but not limited to, aviation transportations, vehicles, and boats.

6. The Netherlands

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is chiefly responsible for the country’s emergency preparedness. Formed 216 years ago, the ministry is given an annual budget of 4 billion Euros to fulfill duties. Headquartered in The Hague, they employ over 3,000 personnel to meet its purpose.

5. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The disaster management system of the United Kingdom is handled by the Civil Contingencies Secretariat. Established in July of 2001, this government arm has been serving the country for over 13 years now. Their task is to promote disaster preparedness in the UK, among many other things. They do this by creating numerous programs related to civil defense and emergency services, including the construction of modern nuclear bunkers.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand, which is one of the most peaceful places on earth, is also a disaster-free zone. Thanks to the National Crisis Management Centre that handles the country’s disaster management system. Also known as the Beehive Bunker, this command center in Wellington is deemed fit to handle emergency situations, including the most intense earthquake on the Modified Mercalli scale.

3. Canada


In Canada, the government arm that handles disaster management is Public Safety Canada. It was mandated by Canadian law for every province to establish its own emergency measures organization.  Under the Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Act, the powers, functions, and duties of the agency are clearly defined. Established in 2003, Public Safety Canada aims to protect its people, while maintaining a peaceful and safe society.

2. Australia


If there’s one country that is always affected by natural disasters, it is Australia. Australia suffers the most intense heat wave that kills more people in their continent than any other type of natural disaster. To address this situation, Emergency Management Australia was established. This government agency is tasked to plan, structure, and arrange for the emergency needs of the state in the disaster prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.

1. United States

United States

The US has seen too many disasters, both natural and man-made, to be complacent enough not to handle disaster management professionally. On that note, they established the Federal Emergency Management Agency which job is to handle all emergency situations that may arise within their bounds. They work under the supervision of the Department of Homeland Security. The agency was established in June 19, 1978 to manage the Nation Flood Insurance Program, Center for Domestic Preparedness, and the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, among others. To further make the agency competent, different subgroups were created. To make disaster management a much simpler task, they have the National Response Coordination Center, National Disaster Medical System, Urban Search and Rescue, and Mobile Emergency Response Support assisting them.