Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy Stars in Nike Golf Film ‘Ripple’

Two of today’s most talented golf players are featured in the Nike Golf Film ‘Ripple’. The accomplished shoe company chose that title in the hopes of creating a ripple effect amongst its viewers. The film is intended to capture the influence of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy by featuring their inspirational journey. The film also … Read more

10 Longest Running Number 1 Hip Hop Songs on Billboard

Lose Yourself

Hip-hop music has created such a huge following that it is quite impossible to see them lacking in the Top 40 music hits of Billboard. These songs are the best achievers in the hip-hop music genre of all time. We’re sure you are familiar with these hits: 10. Irreplaceable by Beyonce Weeks on #1 – … Read more

10 Most Ridiculous Science Inventions

Baby Mop

People have a lot to thank the modern scientists for. With their inventions making lives better, there’s really no amount of monetary grant can compensate their efforts. However, there are science inventions that can be classified as downright pointless, ridiculous and funny. Read on and be amused. 10. Magnetically Attached Templeless Eyewear The inventor of … Read more

Kendrick Lamar for Reebok’s Ventilator Day Glo

The partnership of Kendrick Lamar with Reebok continues on as he becomes the ambassador for the brand’s newest release, the Ventilator Day Glo. In line with its promotion, Reebok Classics Presents created a short film entitled “Be Ventilated”. The said film will feature Kendrick Lamar, who, since the start of his collaboration with Reebok, has … Read more

The SoJones focus: Poet Jack Williams

A very respected artist has joined forces with SoJones to give you more of that thirst you want to quench with good poetry. Jack Williams is a mastermind of another level with giving you calming poetry to soothe you. here we will celebrate some really cool poetry to celebrate various things in life we want to observe. Let’s look at his work here as we will keep all of the best people ready to observe some good web development and poems.

The title of this poem is: 12 headed dragon

Toronto with us, that's major!
Toronto with us, that’s major!
and the young knight
i approached the dragon with caution to hear herselff was talking.
i asked do i need to slay you with iron or love.
she replies ” i’m a dragon so i could tell a lie, but what if you have faith?
you will find love my most honorable trait.
so kindness is the best bait to lure me into a place

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