The 10 Most Popular Android Applications


Android devices are the next best things to happen since the first iPhone was introduced. This mobile platform has made smart phones even smarter, plus the fact that they have proven that smart phones don’t really have to cost too much. The 10 most popular Android applications are: 10. Street View No. of Downloads: 952,571 … Read more

Top 10 Facts About Electricity

work of Franklin for electricity

Almost everything and everyone is dependent on electricity. But electricity is not just something you buy in a battery. Being one of the basic ingredients of the universe, the electricity is something that has revolutionized the way life is on this planet. Talking of all scientific innovations, electricity is by far one of the best things … Read more

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Astronomy

helium gases

Well you might have heard this song “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. As beautifully explained in the song, in this world, all the entities that constitutes the part of it, whether living or non-living, are distinct and have separate identities. Likewise, if you put on your thinking hat and expand your horizon towards … Read more

Top 10 Controversial Science Theories That Exist

atomic theory

Almost all scientific theories, even the best of all, only meant to have a certain range of validity. We can see that the Big Bang Theory does not elucidate what came earlier to the Big Bang; and similarly, Airy’s theory of Isostatic Compensation doesn’t explain well about the motion of the curst of earth over … Read more