Top 10 weirdest innovative inventions of 21st century

sperm bike

Creativity is the process of imagining new ideas in order to produce something with an artistic and original touch; Innovation on the other hand is the process of implementing this new method or new idea in order to come up with a fully-fledged novelty product for the betterment of man-kind. However, these processes of innovating … Read more

Cash Money Milestone: Selling 500 Million Singles Worldwide

Notorious for its impressive roster of Billboard chart-toppers and music award-amassers, it comes as no surprise that Cash Money Records has broken yet another record. Releasing hits after hits for 21 years and counting, Cash Money has notched its biggest milestone yet, selling over 500 million singles worldwide. Having a successful reign in the music … Read more

President Obama and Mitt Romney on “Call Me Maybe” Parody Video

It’s videos like this one that make us LOVE the elections here at SoJones. We’re not too crazy about the debates, although they’re very entertaining to watch sometimes, but we’re head-over-heels in love with the way television makes fun of the presidential candidates. The Tonight Show host, Jay Leno, showed a parody video of Carly … Read more

Summer Movie Guide

Summer brings the best of everything. Great weather, no school, beaches, girls, boys, and summer blockbusters at the movie theater. This summer could be one of the biggest in years, with numerous big-budget, highly-anticipated films dropping almost every weekend. To help you navigate through the summer movie madness, we put together a list of can’t-miss … Read more