Bridal Bouquets Flowers

Bridal bouquets are an important part of any wedding. They add a touch of elegance and beauty to the occasion. Many different types of flowers can be used for a bridal bouquet. The most popular type of flower is the rose. Roses come in many colors and can be combined with other flowers to create a … Read more

Top 5 Categories of Loan Which You Can Avail in Your 30’s

While you’re in your 30s, you may have been doing good work for quite some time and might have experienced significant growth in your overall earnings. However, several major personal milestones occur around this period that necessitate a significant sum of cash. Individuals in their 30s are likely to marry, have children, and purchase their … Read more

4 Ways Debt Prevents You from Living Your Richest Life

Getting into debt is much easier than getting out. Few people realize the true negative consequences of accepting being in debt as a part of everyday life. If you’re in debt, the time to become debt-free is now. Start by learning your options using Credello’s debt guide and create a plan that gets you out … Read more

9 Different Types of Fig Trees

The relationship between mankind and the fig tree goes back to the dawn of recorded history and beyond, and has played a significant role in both the agricultural and religious development of the human race. In Judeo-Christian and Islamic tradition Adam and Eve – the first residents of the planet – used fig leaves to … Read more

15 Different Types of Eels

Unless you happen to run across one while you are at the beach, or hook one when you are fishing, eels probably aren’t something you spend a great deal of time thinking about. Many people find them to be disgusting and creepy, in much the same way as they think of snakes, and some folks … Read more

Top 10 Political Conspiracies

Conspiracy theories create lively conversations and debates.  There are many sides to a story, and these political myths are always around to inform, or at least, to entertain. Political conspiracies are never proven for a fact. There are many documentaries and movies on the death of politicians and the conspiracies around them. There are lots … Read more

10 Countries Known For Spying On Their Citizens

Spying is uncalled for in some countries. However, there are places in the world where it’s almost a natural thing, although the government is not open to admitting it. Here is a list of countries with strong evidence that they’re spying on their people. 10. New Zealand Though this information is quite surprising, the government of New Zealand spies … Read more

10 Longest Wars in History

Conflicts do happen all the time. While some are resolved right away, there are several that take centuries to amend. Below is a list of the longest wars in history. A good number of them involved bloodshed and a lot of lives lost. But there was also one where no shot was fired. 10. Peloponnesian … Read more

10 Largest Online Companies by Revenue

The internet world is indeed, taking the business world by storm. Currently, a huge number of purely online companies are annually amassing millions of dollars in revenue. So if you’re somebody who dreams of making it big over the internet one day, here are the 10 largest and most profitable online companies that you might … Read more

10 Poorest Countries in the World


In the poorest countries of the world, even the basic needs like food and water can get very scarce. The growth of the economy of nations is based on different factors. While first-world countries enjoy a Gross Domestic Product of at least USD $30,000, poor countries are way below that number. Here is a list … Read more

10 Most Commonly Committed Crimes around the World

Traffic-related Crimes

Crimes have always been the major problem of many nations. Those who bend the laws are tagged as criminals and were ought to be put in jail. Though there are stiff penalties for doing a crime, there remain to be a certain number of people who commit them. The crimes that most people from around … Read more

Top 10 Countries without Armed Forces

Saint Lucia

How peaceful should a country be for it not to need any armed forces to protect its territory? Impossible as it may seem in today’s rather chaotic world, there are still some nations that can do away with an army, and still assure its people to live blissfully. The top 10 nations are: 10. American … Read more