Top 10 Christmas Light decoration around the world

Christmas Lights

As every year, the Christmas Holidays are fast approaching this year too. And very soon, the most unique Christmas decorations will start to come out. We can see several varieties of Christmas Displays out there. Some are classy, and some are plain tacky as well. But some other displays are incredible enough to inspire everyone to … Read more

Top 10 Christmas Music to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas music

The Christmas spirit comes alive in the month of December every year. No doubt that Christmas music is also an indispensable part of pop music. Not only Christians but the followers of other religions as well wait impatiently for this festival. Everyone wants to enjoy the Christmastime by singing or listening to the popular and … Read more

Top 10 Addictive Drugs to Quit

Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid drug

Quitting drugs can be dreadfully difficult thing for addicts, no matter what’s the drug of their choice. Studies and statistics show that there are hundreds of drugs consumed wildly throughout the world. But, what do you think are the hardest drugs to kick? Perhaps heavy drug addicts have their own say on their books. But … Read more

Top 10 Closest Stars to the Earth

Epsilon Eridani star

Wonder what are the stars closest to planet Earth? Of course, we all have a desire to know the closest of all these twinkling stars from the planet we live in. Well, the star has been defined as a ball which is composed mostly of  hydrogen and helium gas that shines extremely brightly. The star is … Read more

Top 10 Scientific Proofs of Alien Attacks on Earth

wow signal

Are we humans the only intelligent minds in the universe? Several believers and skeptics have been combating each other on this question and the lack of any possible evidence has always been a hurdle in making a conclusion. Some people believe that alien’s existed and have visited the earth throughout the history. Several UFO sightings … Read more

Top 10 Highest Mountains in the World

mount everest mountain

To witness the glory of mountains is always a breathtaking experience for anyone. And if you happen to be among those crazy mountain lovers, only you know how rewarding the mountaineering experience is. Mountains are truly the blessed splendors by the nature. For sure, to scale the top 10 highest mountains in the world is … Read more

Top 10 Fairy Tale Monsters

Sphinx fairy tales monoster

Does it scare you when you think something (like a MONSTER) is under your bed at night? What if one is in the closet? It undoubtedly leaves threatening remarks on your head, whether a child or an adult. Fairy Tale monsters featured on this list involve 10 mythical antagonists that have been told and retold … Read more

Top 10 biggest terrorists of all time

Throughout the history, there have been some exceptionally evil people who always sought to use means of extreme terror for their good. But more often then not, the word terrorism is narrowed around the post 90’s acts of violence directed at common people as a means of coercing political vendetta. This simply is mere tip … Read more